Tribal paintings are made by the indigenous people of a region. Every country and for that matter every region be it in China, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand or India have their own inimitable paint... Read More

Beautiful Tribal Paintings to Adorn Your Home

Tribal paintings fall under the umbrella of non-western or ethnographic art as they are made by the indigenous people of a region. Although the tribes of India have their own unique art form today, they have not been totally free from the influence of the British and Mughals. In the present times, there are so many forms of Indian tribal art, including the Tanjore, Madhubani, Pattachitra, Rajasthani miniature, Kalamezhuthu, Rogan, Manjusha, Warli art and others. Even other eastern Asian countries like China, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, etc. have their own inimitable painting styles. If you are on the lookout for amazing tribal paintings, we have just what you are looking for. Come explore our range of both international and Indian traditional paintings in various forms right away.

Traditional Art That You Cannot Look way From

The tribal art of India and other Asian countries have a magical quality to it. One can recognise the kind and region from where such ethnic paintings originate just by observing the technique of painting. If you are a big fan of tribal paintings and are excited to browse through our range of traditional art, the following pointers about it will help:
  1. Love chilling out with friends, chit-chatting, playing musical instruments and singing, or catching a big cricket or football match in your spare recreation room? Deck it up with the tribal paintings of oriental women playing traditional musical instruments of the land. Add minimalist, foldable furniture in a breezy tan wood, a clock and diffused lighting are everything else you need to make space look good.
  2. You can also opt for Warli paintings in a deep, earthy terracotta hue and white, showing stick figures in various Tarpa dancing poses around a central Mother Goddess. Put it up in your handloom store and have your customers compliment you on your impeccable taste in art.
  3. Are you looking for pretty living room paintings for your house? Pick extra-large oil or acrylic tribal paintings showing women of the orient dancing against a lit-up background while wearing elaborate, traditional headgear. A gilded vase or potpourri holder placed next to it will complement it well.
  4. If you love oriental lore, then vibrant tribal paintings of mythical dragons are for you. Put it in your study and have it invoke curiosity in anyone who beholds it. You can also create a collage of your favourite artworks by hanging them up on a hallway wall painted in a standout colour.

Buy Tribal Art Online on Pisarto

Pisarto is a firm believer in art being available to everyone who loves it. Our tribal paintings product pages come with information about the medium and canvas used, painting dimensions, shipping, and other costs, etc. We also stock Buddha paintings, Landscape paintings, Indian paintings, Scenery paintings, and so much more to indulge the art lover in you. So, if you admire art and have a wall to deck up, you must absolutely explore our site to check the range of amazing art, hand-painted by professional artists from around the world. Simply log onto our website to fall in love with the visual arts now!

FAQs - Tribal Paintings

1. Why should you buy tribal paintings from us?

You should buy tribal paintings from Pisarto because we offer a wide range of beautiful artworks that can beautify your home. You can find tribal paintings by Indian and foreign artists who have beautifully depicted cultures and traditions of various indigenous communities. 

Be it those inspired by wildlife or mythological characters; you can find a variety of ethnic paintings on our online art gallery. Whatever your choice in tribal paintings be, we make sure to deliver top-notch artworks on our website. As our slogan goes - “You have a wall; we have a painting.” 

2. Who are some of the most famous artists of tribal painting?

Here are the most famous artists who have contributed towards making beautiful tribal paintings:

  • Kalam Patua: He is one of the most critically acclaimed tribal artists who single-handedly revived the dying tradition of Kalighat painting. He was born into a family of royal Patuas and learned the traditional style of painting. He is known for depicting both contemporary subjects as well as mythological themes. 
  • Baua Devi: An artist from Bihar, Baua Devi is known for painting beautiful spearheaded Madhubani tribal paintings. Her paintings have been praised across the globe for the natural colours she uses in making the artworks. She was also awarded Padma Shri for her contribution to reviving the Madhubani art form.
  • Jangarh Singh Shyam: Belonging from the Mandi district of Madhya Pradesh, Jangarh is known for blending classic tribal painting styles with contemporary art sensibilities. His paintings mostly feature tribal deities, nature, and animals. He primarily includes Gond style with lines of coloured dots to make shapes and forms in his artworks. 
  • Bhajju Shyam: Bhajju is an apprentice of Jangarh Singh Shyam is also known for his Gondi style of traditional paintings. Bhajju has extensively exhibited his artworks in the United Kingdom, Italy, Russia, and many other European countries. His style of tribal paintings has garnered praises across the world. 
  • Jivya Soma Mashe: Born in Maharashtra, Jivya is recognised for his famous Warli artworks. His tribal paintings became incredibly popular mainly because of their minimal yet elegant art style. His paintings have been featured in museums across the world. 

3. What do tribal paintings mostly depict?

Tribal paintings mostly depict the culture and traditions of the indigenous communities. Artists often focus on tribal deities as their primary subject since they form the foundation of many cultures in the community. 

4. What do tribal paintings mean?

Tribal paintings are the artworks that depict the livelihood, culture, tradition of indigenous communities. The artworks are mostly religious or ceremonial in nature and show the beautiful depictions of mythological creatures and other aspects of their culture as well as traditions. Initially, the paintings were made as a way of offering respect to the tribal deities. But now the paintings have become a part of museums and art galleries due to its richness and style. 

5. What is the meaning of traditional arts?

Traditional arts or tribal paintings usually means the artwork that is part of the culture of a community. It symbolises the knowledge and skills that were passed down through generations from the renowned artist in the community. This tradition is followed to keep the era, ethnicity, family, and culture alive and long-lasting.

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