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    Awaken Your Spiritual Side With Amazing God Paintings

    India is a melting point of numerous religions and spiritual beliefs. Different people have different faiths and are not shy to share their conviction on the divine. The pre-Vedic, Vedic and initial Buddhist periods were devoid of any religious representations; instead, iconography was used to depict the various aspects of faith. Today, the different forms of Indian art, including the Mysore, Tanjore, Batik, Rajasthani, Madhubani, and others show gods as a human embodiment and are popular among people all around the world. And if you are an art enthusiast who wants to add to their growing collection of tranquil god paintings, then Pisarto is the one-stop destination for you! Check out our range of delicately done god pictures and be super impressed. Come get all your favourite god paintings while stocks last. Read More

    Pisarto God Paintings For a Soothing and Tranquil Experience

    Art is the ultimate display of religious or spiritual inclination, along with being a thing of great beauty. If you are wondering what our god paintings are like, fret no more – we take you through a quick tour of our most significant works:
    1. Do you have a spare room for music-making and rehearsals? Choose from grand Indian goddess paintings in amazing monochrome rendering to elevate its ambience. For example, an elaborate black-and-white Saraswati painting will do your home’s gorgeous interiors justice with its ethereal beauty. Make sure that you have a corner reserved just for it and pay ample attention to the lighting to give such beautiful god paintings their due.
    2. Do you plan to do up your new yoga studio tastefully? Pick Buddha Paintings in an intense wash of vibrant colours. From images of a peacefully-sleeping Buddha to closeups of his serene face, these god paintings will help your studio visitors/ yoga enthusiasts relax and practise yoga effectively.
    3. Do you want to do up your prayer or meditation room in a way that truly reflects your beliefs? Get Ganesha paintings that are a riot of energising colours – pick from various majestic poses, forms and artistic styles. Set up your favourite artwork(s) next to a small indoor fountain and fairy lights or place it in the pooja mandap and light incense in front of it as a sign of reverence.
    4. Pick god paintings that depict various scenes from the epic Ramayana. Hang them up in your living room or hallway to make for a lovely central décor item.

    Buy Indian God Paintings Online on Pisarto

    Pisarto is a Mumbai-based gallery that strives to make a wide variety of artwork available to all across India. You can refer to the god paintings' product pages for information on the pricing, dimensions, media, and canvas used in the paintings. We ship to all Indian pin codes with your order secured in a tube. We also sell Nature Paintings, Beach Paintings, Abstract Paintings, Village Scene Paintings, and so much more. So, see it believe it, come explore the vast paintings range on Pisarto’s website now!

    FAQs - God Paintings

    1. Which is the most famous god painting?

    Here is a list of most famous god paintings that you can hang or place in your personal or professional workspace - 

  • Lord Ganesha Paintings
  • The elephant-headed god, Lord Ganesha, has been a common sight in Indian households since ages. He is known to remove obstacles from people’s lives and bestow knowledge and success. That is why many people believe in hanging or placing Lord Ganesha paintings in their home, due to their spiritual significance and positive vibes. These god paintings are known for keeping negative energies away from people’s homes and spreading happiness and positive vibes in the space.

  • Buddha Paintings
    Buddha paintings are often associated with positive feelings of peace, the balance of tranquility, and harmony that helps in inviting a positive flow of energy in your home. That is the reason people who believe in the teachings of the enlightened one, Gautam Buddha, are likely to have these paintings hung or placed in their homes. Whether it is for mental health or spirituality, the Buddha paintings have become a part of many personal and professional spaces. 

  • Radha Krishna Paintings
  • Radha Krishna paintings are a favourite among the masses for the beauty and calmness it brings to people’s homes. Many believe that Radha Krishna paintings bring immense luck and prosperity to married life. Many paintings beautifully depict the romantic relationship between Lord Krishna and his divine lover Radha.

    2. Where can I place God Paintings in our house?

    God paintings can be placed or hung in different places in your home. Except in front of the bathrooms or toilets, god paintings can be hung anywhere in your home. But according to the Vaastu Shastra, paintings with different gods and goddesses need to be placed in different directions for better effect.

    For instance, if you opt for Lord Ganesha paintings for your home, consider placing or hanging them in west, north, and northeast directions. As per the Vastu Shastra, hanging or placing the paintings faced to the main entrance will spread positive energy and prosperity in the house. 

    3. Who first started painting Hindu gods?

    Hindu god paintings have been traced back to the third to second century BCE when figurative paintings of deities were mostly made on cave walls. The mural paintings found in Ajanta caves and Kailashnath temple in Maharashtra are the most significant of god paintings that have survived the test of time. The artist(s) who made these god paintings remain unnamed as their details were lost in the books of history. 

    In the modern era, Raja Ravi Varma, a celebrated Indian artist is considered to be the first person to actively portray the beauty of Hindu gods and goddesses in the form of paintings. His famous gods and goddesses paintings include Sri Shanmukha Subramanya Swamy, Tilottama, Saraswati, Sri Ram, Jatayu, and more

    4. What are the benefits of buying God Paintings?

    God paintings are today considered more than a wall decor item as they are believed to bring prosperity, good health, happiness, peace, etc. to one’s home. Be it Lord Ganesha or Radha Krishna paintings on canvas; the artworks serve as artistic images that use religious inspiration and motifs to uplift one’s spiritual side. 

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