Indian Traditional, Folk, Tribal Paintings

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    Indian Traditional Paintings - Art that Adds Charm to Your Walls

    Indian traditional paintings with their vivid, distinct and enchanting traits are prevalent across multiple regions, with each representing its own tradition and customs. The earliest Indian traditional artworks can be traced back to prehistoric times, with several petroglyphs found in rock shelters.

    Being culturally diverse, many artwork styles have evolved over the years, with some being untouched by modernisation while others adapting to the different colours and materials available now. Browse through our expansive selection of these Indian traditional paintings on Pisarto and choose your favourite one. Read More

    What are the Different Types of Indian Art?

    From people paintings to abstract ones, you are guaranteed to find your desired artwork on our platform. Here are some of the other variants available:

    • Madhubani Paintings

    Also known as Mithila art, these Indian traditional paintings are characterised by line drawings filled in bright colours and distinct patterns and contrasts. These are some of the most celebrated styles in traditional Indian art paintings that feature eye-catching geometrical patterns, symbolic images, and scenes from mythology. Generally, these paintings are crafted with mineral pigments prepared by the artists, while the primary focus being its simple and evocative portrayal of culture and traditions.

    • Warli Paintings

    One of the most famous art forms in Maharashtra, these Indian traditional paintings depict scenes from the social and cultural life of the local tribes. First discovered in the early 1970s, these Indian traditional arts usually feature their Mother Goddess, Palghat, as the central motif. Circular patterns are another common occurrence in this particular artwork style that is indicative of the belief that death is just another beginning.

    • Mandala Paintings

    Mandala, which translates to "circle" or "discoid" object in Sanskrit, is generally a geometric design that plays a significant role in the Hindu culture. These Indian traditional paintings often symbolize rebirth, repetitiveness and spiritual growth, among other themes.

    How to Decorate Your Walls with Paintings?

    Are you looking for décor ideas to liven up your room? Here are some stylish ones that will help you get the most out of your Indian traditional paintings:

    • Match Wall Colour with Artwork Style: When looking to decorate your wall with Indian traditional paintings, ensure that the wall colour matches the aesthetics of the artwork. You could either opt for a minimalist one tone artwork for a classy look or a multicolour painting for a quirky look.

    • Contrast Colours between Wall and Artworks: When in doubt, go for a contrasting look. Place your vibrant multi-panel wall art on neutral walls for a distinct yet balanced look. You could even enhance the aesthetic appeal of the room by opting for complimenting lamp lanterns.

    Shop for Indian Traditional Paintings and More on Pisarto

    Spruce up the aesthetics of your home décor by shopping for your favourite Indian traditional painting from our website. Browse through our collection of traditional Indian wall painting and choose your desired product. Host to a diverse collection of artworks from various regions, Pisarto is the one-stop shop for all your art needs.

    Not only that, our wide range of wildlife, abstract and landscape paintings are sure to appeal to the inner artist in you. Shop for top quality artworks from top artists at affordable prices by signing up to Pisarto right away! 

    India has a rich cultural and traditional vibrancy through its conventional arts and crafts. Every region in India has its own distinct style and pattern of art, which is known as folk art or traditional art or tribal art as its commonly known. The folk and tribal arts of India are very ethnic, colorful and vibrant demonstrating the country's rich heritage.

    Some of the most famous folk paintings of India are the Madhubani paintings of Bihar, Patachitra paintings from the state of Odisha, the Nirmal paintings of Andhra Pradesh, Warli paintings from Maharashtra, and other such traditional art forms like Mandala art, which is supposed to be both therapeutic and symbolic. Folk art is however not restricted only to paintings, but also stretches to other art forms such as wall art, pottery, home decorations, ornaments and cloths-making.

    Indian Traditional Paintings - FAQs

    Why should you buy Indian traditional Paintings from us?

    Pisarto’s expansive selection of Indian traditional artworks from famous artists ensures that it is the go-to place for all art enthusiasts. Add to that its user-friendly interface coupled with the authentication certificate that original artworks accompany, and you have a pleasant shopping experience awaiting you.

    How do you paint Indian traditional painting?

    When looking to draw Indian traditional art, you must finalise the type of painting you want to work on before beginning. Whether you are looking to draw a Madhubani painting or a Warli one, here are some tips that would help you:

    1. Observe more: Observation is one of the more crucial aspects in getting your traditional Indian art painting spot-on. This would help you capture the minutest of details, thereby enabling you to incorporate symbolism while communicating through your art.
    2. Design your composition: Before you begin painting, ensure that you finalise the composition by planning a colour scheme. Also, if you are planning to do landscape paintings, it is recommended that you obey the laws of perspective for a more remarkable result.
    Where can you place Indian traditional painting at home?

    Appease the serenity and beauty of your living room by incorporating an intricate yet exquisite mandala painting in your home décor. For a subtly distinct look, you can also place an abstract Indian painting with soothing colours and tones in your bedroom on the wall opposite the bed.

    What are the things we should consider while buying Indian traditional painting?

    Before buying any painting, it is crucial that you consider three aspects:

    1. Research about the platform you are planning to buy the artwork from.
    2. Check for the authentication certificate that accompanies an original artwork.
    3. Look for originality in the art as in, ensure that the artist is not simply imitating another creator or movement.


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