Ganesha, Ganapati Paintings


    Pattachitra with Panchamukhi Ganesha Theme ()
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    Pattachitra Panchamukhi Ganesha ()
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    Pattachitra Painting of Ganesh on Blue Tussar ()
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    Pattachitra of Dancing Ganesha Theme ()
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    Pattachitra of Dancing Ganesha Theme ()
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    Pattachitra of Dancing Ganesha Theme ()
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    Ganesha Calligraphy 1 (1'6" X 1'6")
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    Statue of Ganesha (2'0" X 3'0")
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    Jai Ganesha (2'0" X 3'0")
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    Krishnarup Gajanan (2'6" X 3'4")
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    Yogadhipa (Ganesha) (2'6" X 1'8")
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    Suravali (2'0" X 2'6")
    Regular price Rs.42,682 Sale price Rs.38,000
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    Nad Vinayak (1'9" X 2'6")
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    Ganesha in Temple (2'6" X 3'0")
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    Ganesha 2 (1'0" X 2'3")
    Regular price Rs.20,198 Sale price Rs.17,000
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    Ganesha 1 (1'0" X 2'3")
    Regular price Rs.20,198 Sale price Rs.17,000
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    Divine Ganesha (1'9" X 2'2")
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    Blessings of Ganesha (3'3" X 3'11")
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    Loving Shree Ganesha (3'3"X4'11")
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    Ganesha Paintings for a Spiritual Touch

    In a country as spiritually diverse as India, worshipping of religious entities is a daily occurrence. Lord Ganesha is adulated all over the nation and is known to be the bearer of good luck, the patron of arts and sciences, and the cleanser of evil. Naturally, a Ganesha Painting is a popular choice of art for many who are looking to bring about calmness in their furnishings and make the space feel like home. Read More

    If you are looking for some Ganesh art for your home, Pisarto has a wide range of options you can shop from.

    What are the Available Ganesh Painting Options?

    These Ganpati paintings differ across various categories in terms of medium, surface, and more. Listed below are some of the creative Ganesha paintings you can check out:

    • Modern Ganesha Painting: This type of art typically features a deviation from traditional art styles to bring about something fresh. You can find a number of modern Ganesha acrylic paintings at Pisarto incorporating this style with various vibrant colors, shapes, and mediums. These are available in various dimensions to fit any space you have chosen.
    • Ganesh Wall Art: This category features a collection of Ganesha wall paintings that compliment your interior, no matter the aesthetic. These Ganpati bappa paintings will bring together the whole look of your decor in a sophisticated manner. The various options include watercolors, Ganesha acrylic paintings, oils, and many more.
    • Acrylic Abstract Ganesha Painting: Acrylic paintings are one of the most popular art mediums, known for the vibrance that stands out in any room. These paints can make any Ganesha painting or Radha Krishna painting come to life with its realistic portrayals. Not only will these paintings be a great conversational and decorative piece, their value extends to mental peace as well.

    How Can You Place Ganesha Painting in Your Home?

    Ganesha ji paintings bring about tranquillity in any space they are placed in. Here are some tips you can use to make sure you are putting your Lord Ganesha painting in the best place:

    • A modern Ganesha painting will fit right into your living room, preferably in a large space on the wall. Pick out elements from your decor that will bring the ornamentation together.
    • Go with a Ganesh canvas painting for your work space and to bring about some calmness to the room.
    • If you are religious, an acrylic Ganesha painting will stand out beautifully in your bedroom, both aesthetically and emotionally.

    Shop for Ganesha Painting Online at Pisarto

    If you are an ardent art lover looking to connect with authentic and relevant art in this age of digital art, Pisarto is just the place for you. This CRISIL certified online art gallery aims to bring to you the best of art from up and coming artists. You can now shop for all your favourite paintings including Buddha paintings, sculptures, and more in a large variety of styles, mediums, and such. Take a look at the latest range of Ganpati wall paintings!

    Ganesha Paintings - FAQ's

    1. Why invest in Ganesha paintings?

    Indian scriptures are filled with awe-inspiring stories of Ganesha, the pot-bellied, elephant-headed son of gods Shiva and Parvati. He is considered to be the destroyer of obstacles and bestower of prosperity, wisdom and abundance, and is worshipped before starting up any important tasks. Many believe that he may have tribal origins and the elephant head may be inspired from masks used in the initiation rituals of ancient jungle tribes. 

    The very first artworks depicting Lord Ganesha date back to the second century. Today, the supreme destroyer of evil is considered to be one of the most versatile art subjects. Numerous Ganesha-inspired sculptures, coins, handicrafts, jewellery and paintings are popular both in India and abroad. While some believe Ganesha paintings to have a positive effect on the energy of a place, still others like how their beauty and mysticism captivate one and all. Many serious art collectors even consider them as priceless additions to their personal collection.

    2. What are the benefits of buying Ganpati paintings?

    Ganesha paintings or art pieces come with a host of benefits as mentioned below:

    • Ganpati paintings are considered auspicious and are believed to keep away negative vibes or energy. Many believe that having them around will lead to the successful completion of tasks.
    • Today, many different types of Lord Ganesha paintings are available, including colorful, abstract renderings with a dream-like quality or highly-detailed, monochrome works that show the god in a wrathful pose, ready for battle. From traditional depictions to modern, expressionist illustrations, Ganapati paintings cater to a wide range of tastes in art.
    • Ganesha paintings make for great gifting options and go well with the décor of your home or office. They are believed to bring about healing and foster a strong will and focus on the people of the house or workplace.

    3. Why should you buy Ganesha paintings from us?

    Pisarto is a Mumbai-based online art gallery that stocks a huge variety of Ganesha abstract paintings and figurative artworks. From oil paintings of his peaceful visage to black and white illustrations of him reclining on a lotus, you are sure to be impressed by our carefully-curated collection. Our artworks are handmade by passionate artists from India and South East Asia and are 100% genuine. 

    We ship to all India pin codes with secure, all-weather packaging and also boast of an uber-helpful customer service team, easy returns policy, a safe online transaction feature, and more. You can browse for your favourite Ganesha paintings online from our wide catalogue and read up about the dimensions, medium and pigments used, care instructions and more in our detailed product descriptions. Shop from the comfort of your home, office or while on the move now! 

    4. Where can you place Ganapati paintings?

    You can place Ganesha paintings at an elevation in a well-lit area of your house or office to show that you are respectful of the religious and spiritual icon. Eastern and northern walls are considered auspicious and so are the prayer or pooja and study areas. Avoid placing them on walls with adjoining washrooms. 

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