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Figurative paintings deal with a whole host of subjects that include human and animal figures, natural landscapes as well as cityscapes, to name a few. Paintings, where the main subject is the h... Read More

Add Real World Charm with Figurative Paintings

The term ‘figurative art’, which is also referred to as figurativism, points to paintings or sculptures that are clearly derived from real objects. Figurative paintings are representational in nature which places it in contrast to abstract art which is not rooted in reality. Figurative paintings deal with a whole host of subjects that include human and animal figures, natural landscapes as well as cityscapes, to name a few. Paintings, where the main subject is the human form, are called ‘figure paintings’.

The human figure has been the subject of art since before the Greek period, as seen even in the first Stone Age cave paintings. Since then, it has been interpreted in myriad ways by cultures around the world and through different styles. It is the complexity of our existence, struggles, beauty and symmetry as well as imperfections that make humans such an unending source of inspiration for artists everywhere. An amazing example of Indian figurative paintings can be seen in the murals of Ajanta caves, from the fifth century. Read further to familiarise yourself with this genre of art so this knowledge can help you buy figurative paintings easily on our platform.

The Journey of Figurative Paintings

The history of figurative art is rich as well as complex, and this is what you should know about it.

  1. Figurative paintings in the traditional sense portray historical, mythological, allegorical or imaginary depictions of figures in their appropriate costumes. However, a portrait type of painting is a figure painting that is focussed on creating the likeness of a particular human being or group.
  2. In Western art, since classical antiquity, the nude has been a prominent theme which is again seen in the Renaissance period after being absent in the Middle Ages. Oil paints have been the favoured media for this art form. Through the process of blending and layering the paint, the surface of the work can become more akin to skin. 
  3. Although initially, artists worked with live models who posed for them for many hours, as the complexity of technique and the time required to complete each piece changed, it brought about variations in practices. These days, photographs of the desired pose, in varying angles and proximity are taken as a reference. 
  4. Some of the famous figurative painters include Masaccio from the Italian Renaissance period, Sandro Botticelli belonging to the Florentine School, Leonardo da Vinci, who is considered a genius, Torii Kiyonaga a Japanese ukiyo-e artist and the likes. Famous figurative paintings worth mentioning are the Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, Venus, and the Three Graces, to name a few.
  5. Buddha paintings can be considered as a part of religious figurative paintings or art. Since the Master walked the Earth, his disciples and other artists have attempted to encapsulate the peaceful serenity that emanates from his visage. His form and visage have been the subject of many figurative paintings which are reverentially featured in many homes as well as office spaces. 

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