Figurative Paintings


    Stylish Figurative Painting for Your Home

    As long as art has existed, the human form has been a popular subject around which many classic paintings revolve. People have been a constant source of wonder due to the many complexities that go much deeper than the surface. Figures have a potential to tell a bigger story, which makes any figurative painting expressive to impressive levels. If you find yourself wanting to delve into figurative paintings, Pisarto's latest range is just for you. Read More

    Figurative Painting with Favourite Mediums

    The best thing about figuratives in art is that they can be expressed through various mediums and forms. Here are some of the top figure paintings you can check out at Pisarto:

    • Acrylic Figurative Paintings: Acrylics are one of the most popular mediums when it comes to floral paintings, religious paintings or just about anything. They are known for depicting the most life-like portrayals of the subject, which is something you will definitely appreciate in a figurative painting. Find your favourites from a range of colorful and aesthetic options.
    • Oil Paintings: It is a well-known fact that no other medium brings tones and feelings in art the way oils do. You can now have such magical pieces delivered to your doorstep with Pisarto. Pick the best from a range of abstract figure paintings, portraits and many more that will take your interior decor up a notch. These are also available in various dimensions of sizes.
    • Watercolour Figure Painting: If you are going for more of a toned-down vibe with digital prints that blend into your furnishing instead of standing out, watercolors are perfect for you. The mild, soft shades will truly have a calming effect. Along with this, the beautiful portrayals in these easy figure paintings are second best to none.

    Figurative Painting for Interior Character

    Human figure paintings add depth to any room and make them a major talking point among guests. Below are some tips you can use to use figurative painting for home decor:

    • Go for an acrylic portrait figure painting in your living room over the couch to be in the direct line of vision of anyone stepping in. It will make for a bold decor choice.
    • Place your favourite oil painting in your bedroom to take things up a notch. Choose colors based on your interior to tie the whole thing together with shades.
    • Watercolor paintings are ideal for a study or work area as they are not distracting or loud. They simply work as a calming yet artistic painting for decor purposes.

    Shop for Figurative Painting Online on Pisarto 

    Pisarto is a CRISIL-certified online art gallery in India that aims to bridge the distance between authentic art and art lovers. Featuring everything from paintings to sculptures, this gallery offers you the best of art that you can order in a few, simple steps. All of these pieces are from up-and-coming artists with exceptional talents in the arts that you should definitely decorate your home with. Take a look at our latest range and get started!

    Figurative Paintings - FAQs

    What is Figurative Painting?

    Figurative paintings, believed to have originated in the 20th century, depict modern art with loud references to our surrounding world, particularly the human form. A figurative painting has a sharp sense of realism. A figurative painting solely portraying the human figure can also be referred to as a figure painting.

    What Makes A Figurative Painting Good?

    Figurative art, although subjective, can be good if it communicates with you or simply moves you. A figure abstract is supposed to have elements that create an illusion of a form or space without precise detailing. A painting figure usually creates prominence in the portrayal, adding an eye-catching touch to the space where it is used as décor.

    How to Preserve A Figurative Painting?

    The best way to preserve an abstract figure painting is to frame it in protective glass to safeguard it from dust, dirt, and even accidental touch. For an acrylic figure painting, you must varnish it to shield it from UV rays and possible yellowing. For a watercolor figure painting, light plays a crucial catalyst; hence, it should be kept away from direct light, which may affect the vibrancy of the colors. The watercolor figure painting should be mounted on acid-free mat boards or protected by a frame of filtered glass.

    How to Identify Figurative Painting?

    Figurative paintings are supposed to have a clear subject that can be easily recognised in our world, such as a human figure painting because it shares a likeness to the human form. Some of the most popular forms include female figure paintings. Women figure paintings are quite popular because feminine figures are known to be the strongest muses in art history.

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