Floral, Flower Paintings

Floral paintings are seen by artists as a pleasing activity with the liberty to play around with several colors. Flowers evoke warmth and are perfect for the living room where friends and famili... Read More

FAQs - Floral-Flower Paintings

1. Who is famous for painting flowers?

Floral paintings gained prominence during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Here are three of the several famous artists in ancient times:

  • Claude Monet
  • A 19th-century French pioneer of, what was called, the Impressionist movement, Claude Monet, focused on his impressions of nature over creating precise images of life as it is. Since art critics of the time were habituated to detailed paintings, they did not appreciate Monet’s work at first. His water-lily series is particularly applauded for capturing light as it changes through the seasons.

  • Vincent van Gogh
  • A Dutch painter from the 19th century, Vincent van Gogh was a passionate painter whose work was a powerful blend of imagination, rhythm, drama, and emotion. Besides, his collection of landscapes and self-portraits were blooming like sunflowers and poppies. His distinguished work in two separate series on sunflowers are most memorable.

  • Ambrosius Bosschaert
  • Ambrosius Bosschaert, an eminent Dutch artist from the 17th century Golden age, is specialised in highly detailed floral paintings. In most of his work, he depicted realistic pink roses and tulips very symmetrically and nearly with scientific precision. His famous painting of a basket of flowers depicts the fleeting beauty of hand-picked flowers.

    2. Why do artists paint flowers?

    Floral paintings on canvas have been a favourite among artists for many centuries now. While a few scientists believe that the beauty of flower blossoms attract the human eye with its colours, symmetry and soft curves, others suggest that the proximity of a flower to transform into a fruit draws attention to them. Floral paintings are seen by artists as a pleasing activity with the liberty to play around with several colours.

    3. How do you paint a simple flower?

    Grab your art supplies - acrylic paint or water colours, brushes, a palette, and a jar of water to start creating floral paintings.

  • Step one - Choose a flower you like or open abstract floral paintings on your phone or laptop before you get started.

  • Step two - Transfer some of the paint on your palette to get started. In the case of water colours, mix it with water to get the right consistency.

  • Step three - Start by painting the centre of the flower. Use light or thick strokes based on the effect you are going for.

  • Step four - Work your way out from the centre to paint the petals.

  • Step five - Lastly, complete the artwork by drawing the stem or leaves of the flower.

    4. Where should you place floral paintings in your house?

    If you have just purchased a painting and are wondering where to place it, consider hanging it over the sofa in the living area at eye level. Flowers evoke warmth and are perfect for the living room where friends and families spend time together. The closeness to nature of floral paintings also makes it apt to place them in the dining or even kitchen area.

    5.What do floral paintings symbolise?

    When you browse through floral paintings online, you will notice the changing meanings of different species of flowers. The meaning of flowers varies from one culture to another and one era to another too. While red roses symbolise love and passion in Western Europe, the white jasmine flower stands for love in Hinduism. Flowers were also used as a form of communication in paintings during the Victorian era. It was a time when communications were minimised due to new rules of etiquette for the upper class.

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