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Escape Into The World of Landscape Paintings

As the name suggests, landscape paintings depict natural scenery in the art, which is why it is also referred to as nature paintings. Nature has provided, propelled and inspired humankind since the beginning of time. It is the formidable forces of nature that have shown us our limitations, making us bow down with humility when faced with them. We have equated nature with a sometimes temperamental, motherly, playful and powerful woman with countless facets to her. Creative souls have been enamoured by her beauty which changes forms constantly, yet remains pure. At Pisarto, we are proud to feature artists who create beautiful landscape paintings in an attempt to capture the enigma that is nature in all her glory. 

It would be interesting to note that in the Western world, until the early to the mid-sixteenth century, landscape paintings were included in pictures merely as a setting to depict human activity. Such works had either a historical or religious message. However, in the Chinese tradition, such works were already an established genre by the fourth century. These days, you can bring the grandeur of landscape paintings into your home much easier than you ever could in the past. Simply pick a theme and we have some of the best landscape paintings that will bring your vision to life. Keep reading for an insight into this genre of artwork. 

Learning about Landscape Paintings

Such paintings depict the history of the natural world and here are some facts you should know about them.

  1. The main purpose of these paintings is to depict an actual and specific place. What is found in art is that some pieces are entirely imaginary or copied from reality with varying degrees of accurateness. When buildings are featured prominently, it is known as a topographical view. 
  2. There are two distinct traditions when it comes to such paintings which are the Western paintings and East Asian art. They both have a complex, rich history which dates back to thousands of years. The Asian art includes Chinese and Japanese works which initially adapted Chinese styles.
  3. Landscape paintings can be considered to be China’s greatest contribution to the art world. It owes its unique character to the Taoist or Daoist tradition which is a significant part of Chinese culture. As a theme, it is unvarying but is a vehicle of infinite nuances of emotion and feeling that is comparable to the nude in the West. 
  4. In the Western tradition, Albrecht Altdorfer is credited with the first ‘pure’ nature painting, aptly called Landscape with Footbridge (1517 – 20) displayed now at the National Gallery London. Some famous landscape paintings include Monet’s Water Lilies, Van Gogh’s Starry Night and Constable’s Hay Wain.
  5. During the Renaissance period, there was a renewed interest in classical ideals, naturalistic elements such as scenery and landscape led to a revival of studying Nature. Great artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci employed the use of the terrain which was depicted in the background of the main subjects, to leave possible psychological cues.
  6. Modern landscape paintings are inspired by the pace and changes of the current times. They are an evolution of the classical forms in ways that remain true to the roots, yet are distinguishable from them. Only time will tell whether there will be a return to traditional canvases or will contemporary schools lead the way forward. 

Landscape Paintings from Pisarto Online

Our range of artwork, which is carefully curated from artists all over the world, is extensive and exquisite. At Pisarto, we offer oil paintings as well as acrylic landscape paintings of themes such as lush forests, towns by the sea and fields at harvest time, to name a few. Hence, we encourage you to dive into our collection and galleries and have the ones that catch your eyes delivered right to your doorstep for your personal and social enjoyment! 

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Landscape Paintings Collection Landscape Paintings Price
A Day in the Fields
Rs. 16,913
A Lazy Evening
Rs. 10,000
A Lazy Sunday
Rs. 12,400
A New Beginning
Rs. 3,920
Rs. 28,000
Boats on a Goa Beach
Rs. 8,960
Busy Street
Rs. 7,168
City of Dreams
Rs. 47,040
Coconut Palm Beside Seashore
Rs. 31,159
Cool Water
Rs. 11,200