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    Landscape Paintings for A Lovely Ambience 

    Imagine looking into blissful environs and serene sunsets right within the comfort of your home…all you have to do is select and place the most beautiful landscape painting in your home to wake up to this poetic view. Synonymous with natural sceneries that depict mountains, trees, rivers, and sky, landscape painting emerged as an art form in the 15th century with the earliest known landscape painting found among Grecian frescos. Explore the diverse collection of landscape paintings at Pisarto and read on to know more about them. Read More

    Landscape Paintings To Enrich Your Home

    Here are different categories of Landscape paintings that you can choose from:

    • Cityscape - Ruralscape- Landscape Paintings: Cityscape paintings are artistic representations of the urban city life and usually include vistas of skylines, buildings, and parks.
    • Indian - Abstract-Others: Pisarto houses an interesting collection of Indian abstract landscape paintings that depicts the rural side of life in villages. These paintings may include trains, huts, and panoramic views of the countryside.¬†¬†
    • Animals-Wildlife-Birds: Wildlife landscape paintings are a small part of landscape paintings that depict large swathes of the meadows and skies with a small portion of the painting dedicated to birds or animals.¬†
    • People-Human-Figurative Landscape Paintings: Most landscape paintings stay away from depicting humans but a few artists have exceptions when humans are drawn just to add to the story which is usually the backdrop of these paintings.

    Home Décor Tips for Landscape Paintings 

    If you would like to give your home a makeover, start by redecorating the interiors with some charismatic art for more character and depth. 

    • Most landscape paintings feature some compelling composition that perfectly captures different seasons and weather conditions, giving it an authentic look. These look great when placed alone on wide walls.¬†
    • If you would like to bring in a rustic look around your living room, keep some wildlife landscape paintings and decorate the area around with indoor plants, lamps, and trinkets.¬†
    • Cityscape landscape paintings make for great additions to a minimalist theme so use contrasting colours while hanging these in your building.¬†
    • Make sure you keep the centre of the landscape painting at eye level if you are placing it in your living room. If you have multiple landscape paintings, choose contrasting themes and balance the placement. For example, you could choose an abstract landscape painting and a figurative one to grace the same wall.

    Buy Landscape Paintings Online at Pisarto

    Created with an aim to simplify buying art, Pisarto is an online art gallery, headquartered in Mumbai, that brings global art to the doorstep of art lovers. Pisarto houses an extensive range of acrylic paintings, oil paintings and more that appeal to a large audience. Free shipping, high-quality art, and a versatile collection make it a popular destination for art lovers. All of the paintings and digital prints featured here can make a significant addition to your home, adding character to your walls and being great conversation starters. Explore Pisarto’s collection and buy a landscape painting that brings a smile to your face.

    Landscape Paintings - FAQs

    1. What are landscape paintings?

    Landscape paintings refer to a piece of artwork which depicts scenic views of nature, such as mountains, forest, valleys, rivers, etc. The principal subject of the artwork will always be the portrayal of a scenic view. Apart from depicting various landforms in the paintings, images of seascapes, cityscapes, cloudscapes, etc. have also been explored in the past. Sky and effect of weather in various regions are the two themes that are often featured in landscape paintings.

    2. How to do acrylic landscape paintings?

    Creating an acrylic landscape painting that generates an intense emotion in someone who appreciates the scenic view just like you can sometimes be challenging. 

    So, instead of including everything that you see in the landscape, be selective and include strong elements that characterise that particular landscape. To further elaborate on how to ease the process for beginners, here are some tips. 

    1. Apply a coat of yellow on a piece of canvas to give the painting a unified tone. It will provide you with a nice glowing colour under other colours used. 
    2. Draw out a sketch of basic shapes, such as trees, river, land, etc. using a pencil.
    3. Establish the lightest and the darkest colours first using good quality paints. Split your paintings in the top, middle, and bottom sections to paint more conveniently.
    4. Judge the hue colour of the sky and clouds in your landscape and use appropriate colours in your paintings. 
    5. As a beginner, it is not necessary to match the colour of the real landscape to that of your landscape art. 
    6. As a final touch, reassess your painting’s tonal range by adding black colour.

    3. Who are the best landscape painting artists?

    Landscape paintings got established as a genre in Chinese art by the fourth century and made its way to the western countries by the 16th century. With the rise of Flemish and Dutch schools in the 17th century, painters experimented with exquisite pastoral landscapes as the setting of religious themes. Eventually, landscape paintings further evolved to explore other themes. Here is a list of 10 famous artists who are renowned for their works in landscape paintings - 

    • Jacob van Ruisdael¬† - View of Haarlem with Bleaching Fields (1675)
    • Thomas Cole - The Oxbow (1836)
    • Claude Lorrain - Pastoral Landscape (1648)
    • Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot - Recollections of Mortefonataine (1864)
    • John Constable - The Hay Wain (1821)
    • Camille Pissarro - The Boulevard Montmartre at Night (1897)
    • Caspar David Friedrick - Wander above the Sea of Fog (1819)
    • J.M.W. Turner - The Fighting Temeraire (1839)
    • Claude Monet - Water Lilie series (1896-1926)
    • Vincent van Gogh - The Starry Night (1889)

    4. What makes a good landscape painting?

    When artists create landscape paintings, it is exciting for them to be able to paint what they want themselves and others to see in it. They embed a personality and mood of their choice into the artwork. Many artists think what makes their paintings good is the absence of humans in it. This opinion might vary from painters to painters, but here are three general things which artists consider the most while painting, 

    • Composition of landscapes should be the topmost priority because, without it, the next procedure would not be possible.
    • The four corners of the frame are the most important factor. Subjects in your artwork should not end in either of the corners. The subject should ideally be around the centre or either side of the frame, except the corners.¬†

    Many artists do not put up barriers in artworks, such as closed gates, fences, brick walls, etc. as it creates an impression of admittance to your scene. For example, while painting a scene of a field and you want to feature a gate in it, have it open rather than closed.

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