Village, Rural Paintings


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    Landscape - 2 (EM) 0' 10.9" X 1' 1.5"
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    Jharukhas of Past 1' 3" X 1' 10"
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    Fading Vibrance 1' 3" X 1' 10"
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    Alley of Bygones 1' 3" X 1' 10"
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    Village by the Waterways 1'4" X 1'0"
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    House and a Houseboat 1'4" X 1'0"
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    Mustard Field 3'0" X 3'0"
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    A Day in the Fields 3'11"X3'3"
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    Farmers at Work 3'11"X3'3"
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    Homecoming of Peasants 3'11"X3'3"
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    Quaint Little Village 4'5"X2'9"
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    Peasants Harvesting White Gold 4'5"X2'9"
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    Sunset View 4'4"X2'9"
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    Harvest Celebration 4'10" X 2'3"
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    Harvesting White Gold 3'10"X2'0"
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    Harvesting Paddy Field 2'7"X1'11"
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    Fishing Village at Sunset 2'7"X1'11"
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    Quaint Village Paintings From Pisarto

    India is a land of humble village dwellers going about their daily routine while looking folksy and content. Artists from around the world swear by the earthy quality of our villages and clamour to paint various rural scenes. If you too see the beauty in village scene paintings, we have something that will blow your mind. Come, take a look at our village paintings range and be mighty impressed by the intricate illustrations made with painstaking attention to detail. Get your daily dose of art with Pisarto ‚Äď shop for village paintings and more on our site.¬†Read More

    Be Transported to Another Land with our Lovely Rural Paintings

    Villages make up a major part of our country and contribute to our vast culture and heritage. There is something special about village life that makes it such a delight to paint and transfer onto canvas. Let us give you a glimpse of our village life paintings range to help you decide on what to buy:
    1. Pick village paintings that depict farmers busy harvesting their crops for the year. The lush green fields, a glint of the metal in their sickles, tapered hats shielding them from the sun. All these aspects make for a wonderous frame that will impress any visitors to your home.
    2. Love a good wash of colour? Pick village landscape paintings that show a wedding party on their way to the temple with elaborate umbrellas and palanquins. Hang them up in your living room and let your heart skip a beat every time you behold them.
    3. The quaint quality of village paintings never fails to pique one‚Äôs interest. Pick canvas paintings of humble rural dwellings nestled in the lap of nature ‚Äď from mountains that loom large to rivers that wind away into the horizon. The delicate background detail will enthrall you.
    4. If you love art where just one or two colours make the frame shine, choose village paintings that depict peasants working in front of their homes or returning from the fields.
    5. If you are mesmerised by the look of water in village paintings, pick ones that show a fisherman’s wharf or a river’s meandering course through a rural setting. The play of light on the water’s surface will captivate you to no end.

    Buy Rural India Paintings Online on Pisarto

    All pricing, medium, canvas, and dimensional information are listed out on our village paintings product pages in detail. We ship all across India, and our paintings come rolled into a secure tube. Simply wipe with a clean, soft cloth when your picture frame is dirty. Village paintings can be hung up in a host of different spots, including a hallway, the living room, study, bedroom or even a place of work. Pisarto is a Mumbai-based web platform that believes that everyone must have access to great art. Besides village art, we also stock cityscape paintings, scenery paintings, Indian paintings, and so much more. Come look for yourself ‚Äď log on to our website right away!

    FAQs - Village Paintings 

    1. What is a village painting?

    Paintings depicting rural scenes from culturally diverse villages across the globe are referred to as village paintings. Village paintings depict a rural scene from the everyday, simple life of village folk going about their day of farming, relaxing, and making a living for themselves. 

    The paintings may be intended to focus on the beauty of green landscapes, blue skies, the simplicity of life and the importance of privilege. The paintings may be handcrafted using oil and water as mediums on canvas. The colour palette is usually a wholesome combination of bright and light colours derived from nature. Indian village paintings, in particular, are crafted to bring forth the beauty of the Indian subcontinent using brush strokes to create realistic highlights and shadows

    The earthy imagery displayed in village art, combined with vivid natural hues, paints a beautiful picture of folklife.

    2. What is the significance of a village painting?

    Village paintings can signify a plethora of ideas and thoughts. The incredible diversity of the rural areas around the world are best depicted through works of art. This is best reflected in the widely popular village landscape paintings. Here are some of its significant aspects - 

    1. The simplicity in lifestyle along with the charm of village dwellers brings forth feelings of serenity, humility and appreciation. 
    2. The way with which the landscape is depicted, villagers are shown going by their everyday tasks in lush green fields surrounded by water, village paintings connect us closer to nature.
    3. Village paintings can create a sense of respect for those that may not be as privileged compared to those from urban settings.
    4. Village people paintings can help us understand the hardships of life, the importance of hard work and appreciate the privilege.
    5. Village paintings can create a feeling of nostalgia for those that were once a part of rural India. Memories of plucking fruits, sowing seeds, the smell of the fresh morning air can be triggered through a beautifully painted village scene.

    3. Why should you buy a village painting from us?

    We at Pisarto believe that all forms of life deserve to be appreciated, respected and celebrated. Through our collection of village paintings, we intend to bring you closer to nature and the simple life of village folk. 

    Our exclusive collection has been curated consisting of some of the most celebrated and talented artists across the globe. Each village painting in our collection is meant to evoke a sense of appreciation, bring happiness and create an atmosphere of positivity in your home. So browse through our collection.

    4. What does village painting mean?

     Any form of artwork is meant and designed to evoke certain emotions and the same idea extends to village paintings. Village scene paintings are meant to instil a sense of appreciation and respect for the less privileged rural folk, who, despite several hardships, can find happiness in the simplicity of life. Being able to envision the life of folk coming from an entirely different walk of life from our own, can further help widen our horizons and give us a sense of how grateful we should be of the life we have been given.

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    Homecoming of Peasants
    Farmers at Work
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