Horses' paintings symbolise the strength, speed, and glory associated with the magnificent animal. Horses are often linked to success, prosperity, good luck and wealth.

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Horses' Paintings Faqs

Where should you place a horse painting in your house?

According to Vastu Shastra, you should place horses’ paintings in your living room, study, office or any other commercial premise. It is also considered to be important that the direction of movement of the horses in the painting should be towards the inside of the house and not outside. However, if you are not strictly following Vastu Shastra, you are free to place horses’ paintings in any location of the house as per your aesthetic preferences.

Why should you buy horse paintings from us?

Pisarto offers you a wide range of curated artwork collected from the best of the artists. We also present you with a variety of horses’ paintings that could amp your home decor. Be it ink or watercolour animal paintings; you can find a variety of artworks on Pisarto. Whatever your location is, we aim to deliver your artworks at your doorsteps through our extremely responsible logistics. That is why all of our paintings are packed securely in a tube and shipped safely across India.

What does a horse painting symbolise?

Horses' paintings symbolise the strength, speed, and glory associated with the magnificent animal. Horses are often linked to success, prosperity, good luck and wealth. That is why these animal paintings have been a popular artwork for interiors and decor for so long.

Which are some of the most famous horse paintings?

Here is a list of some of the most famous horses’ paintings ever created: 

  • Guernica by Pablo Picasso
  • This horse painting was made by the Spanish artist Pablo in 1937 with an intent to make the paintings more powerful and moving during World War II.

  • Whistlejacket by George Stubbs
  • British artist George Stubbs’ horse painting “Whistlejacket” wonderfully depicts the racehorse of then prime minister of Great Britain, Marquess of Rockingham.

  • The Horse Fair by Rosa Bonheur
  • This 1852 painting by French artist Rosa Bonheur depicts dealers selling their horses at the market.

    How do you paint a horse in watercolour?

    Watercolour is an interesting medium to create horses’ paintings. If you want to paint a horse in watercolour, the process is pretty simple. First of all, watercolours are usually used on a textured surface, such as a handmade watercolour sheet. This enhances the resultant texture of the painting and makes the process convenient. Since watercolours need a medium of water to carry the pigment, doing watercolours on a thin, porous medium would not be recommended.

    Here are the steps that you need to follow to create horses’ paintings:

    1. To start with, draw the horse on the textured watercolour sheet with light strokes. Remember that watercolour strokes are largely translucent so that the pencil marks will show later. Thus, keep it as light and minimal as possible. 
    2. Then try applying watercolours with light-handed strokes and work in layers. 
    3. To darken the shades, just apply the coat multiple times instead of using way too much pigment at once. This creates a beautiful depth and adds neatness and flair to the painting. Once done, the paint will take a little time to dry off. 
    4. Do not try to vigorously erase the pencil marks after painting as it will take off the watercolour marks as well.
    5. Finally, varnish your horses’ paintings to make them last longer.

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