Among animal paintings, the painting of a dog is one of the most popular picks. A dog painting can add warmth to your house and make it more appealing. Dog paintings symbolise loyalty, friendshi... Read More

FAQs - Acrylic Paintings

1. Where should you place dog paintings in your house? 

Dogs have always been known for being man’s best friend. Among animal paintings, the painting of a dog is one of the most popular picks. A dog painting can add warmth to your house and make it more appealing. Hence, here are some ideas on where you can place dog paintings in your home:

  • A painting of a family of dogs or puppies in the living room adds a very welcoming touch to your home. It also depicts the emotion of togetherness.
  • Adorn the walls along the staircase with a colourful dog painting. A cute and bright painting against a plain wall is the best way to brighten up the stairway.
  • An acrylic animal painting of a dog will be the perfect wall decor for a kid’s room. You can hang this near the study table or above the bed.

2. Why should you buy dog paintings from us?

At Pisarto, we take great pride in our diverse selection of paintings. We offer a curated collection of artwork from watercolour animal paintings to traditional Indian paintings. All our paintings are proof of exceptional artisanship. If you are looking for high-quality paintings by accomplished artists, Pisarto is your best bet.

3. What does a dog painting symbolise?

Dog paintings are not only incredibly cute, but they also possess a strong symbolism. Dog paintings symbolise loyalty, friendship, companionship, and innocence. Every innate quality of a dog is embodied in a dog painting. In ancient times, dogs in art were depicted to symbolise protection, love, and guidance. 

4. Which are some of the most famous dog paintings?

Dogs have been depicted in art for centuries, be it in paintings or sculptures. Here are some famous dog paintings by skilled artists over the years:

  • Pablo Picasso- Boy With A Dog
  • Edvard Munch- Head Of A Dog
  • Andy Warhol- Portrait Of Maurice
  • Franz Marc- Dog Lying In The Snow
  • Cassius Marcellus Coolidge- A Friend In Need
  • Frida Kahlo- Itzcuintli Dog With Me
  • David Hockney- Dachshunds

5. How do you paint a dog in watercolour?

You do not have to be a seasoned artist to paint a dog. Though it does require time and patience, painting a dog is quite easy. If you are a beginner and a novice to painting, use watercolour paints. They are much easier to use, and you are likely to get better results with them. Here are some painting tips that will help you paint the perfect portrait of a dog:

  • Start by printing out your reference image. This image will help you trace the main outline of the dog.
  • Use the image and trace the outline of the dog on to your painting sheet with a pencil. Use a light hand with the pencil.
  • Start painting the eyes first as they require the most attention and detail. Use smaller brushes for this and start with light strokes for a soft texture.
  • Use a light colour to paint in between the eyes. Remember to use light shades in areas where light typically bounces off of the face.
  • Paint the nose in a darker colour than the rest of the fur on the face. Add a shade of white in light brush strokes around the nose.
  • Use a darker colour below the eyes and neck to add depth to the painting.
  • Use big paintbrushes to paint the fur and small brushes to add detail to the eyes, ears, and nose.
  • You can add a splash of blue or light brown to make the eyes stand out.
  • Blend the rough patches once the dog painting is done.


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