When man lived in the wild, one amongst the rest of the creatures, he was inspired to record the events, with the tools available to him. Another facet that motivated an ancient man to create an... Read More

Amazing Animal Paintings

The history of animal paintings is, in many ways, the history of painting itself. When man lived in the wild, one amongst the rest of the creatures in Nature, he had open encounters and interactions with various beasts. These inspired him to record the events, with the tools available to him so that the tales of his heroics would survive him. Another facet that motivated an ancient man to create animals painting art was probably for passing knowledge to future generations. Among many examples, you can see such prehistoric cave drawings from over thirty thousand years ago, which were discovered in 1969, on a rock face in Twyfelfontein in Namibia, Africa.

Some of the most sophisticated as well as numerous, prehistoric animal paintings can also be found on the walls of the caves in southwest France and Northern Spain. This region houses approximated hundred and fifty such caves that are covered in that were created with a mixture of animal blood and fat. The animals featured in these paintings of animals are bison, deer, wild cattle and horses. Humans have come a long way since then in technique and imagination with animal paintings become a major part of the current art space. Now we will introduce some of the animal paintings on our website with décor ideas for you.

Décor Inspiration using Animal Paintings 

There are numerous animal paintings on canvas our platform which can use to create a home.

Elephants Paintings – The gentle giants of the wild are loved by many for various reasons. They have a strong social structure, are protective of their young and are essential to the wellbeing of forests. Their energy is kind and nurturing, so animal paintings with their form will remind you of these. To evoke soothing emotions, place such art in the family area or the dining room.

Dog Paintings – Culturally, dogs have been depicted in art for over a thousand years. As breeds as well as human relationships with these loyal animals evolved, the portrayals have become more elaborate. Some of the aspects that they symbolise are guidance, protection, alertness, and love. Feature such animal paintings in the children’s room or entertainment area of the house to set a lively mood.

Tiger Paintings – This particular animal has a close association with Asian art and is also one of the twelve Chinese Zodiac signs. They are not only feared but also revered for being royal in their movements as well as form. Animal paintings with them as the subject represent confidence, courage, willpower and personal strength.  

Tortoise Paintings – Multiple cultures consider these slow-moving creatures to represent wisdom as well as longevity due to their long life-span. They even play a significant role in the mythologies of the world and are often a part of the story of the creation of the Earth. Animal paintings of them when placed in the house or an office are said to attract good luck and fortune.

Buy Animal Paintings on Pisarto

Humans and animals share more than just a planet, so if you wish to own a wild animals’ painting to bring the great outdoors to your living room or abstract animal paintings which set the mood in any space, you should head our way. At Pisarto, we have a great collection of artwork from artists across the globe, and all you have to do is choose the ones that resonate with you. We shall bring it right to your doorstep! 

FAQs - Animal Paintings 

1. Why are animals used in art?

Wildlife has been a source of inspiration for several artists all over the world. The unique combination of colours, intricacy and pattern of animal skins has resulted in the creation of some memorable artworks. From detailed snake skin designs, patterned tiger stripes, detailed cow patches or even dalmatian spots, have been showcased as art in various famous paintings. Animal painting images have helped us explore the unique relationship between art and other forms of life for years now. 

2. Which is the world's most famous animal painting?

Some of the world’s most famous animal paintings that have taken the world by storm include:

  • Head of a Dog By Edouard Manet
  • Being one of the most beloved animals, dog portraits have been a popular theme among artists. Head of a Dog portrays a dog sitting with the utmost poise and a face of innocence. The dog is meant to signify that no matter how difficult times get, one should maintain their elegance and dignity. The dog sits patiently as if waiting to be photographed.

  • Lying Cow By Vincent Van Gogh
  • This treasure of a painting deviates from the conventional Van Gogh masterpieces since there is a hidden simplicity behind this piece. Unlike his conventional works showcasing complex backdrops and human silhouettes, the Lying Cow portrays a seemingly ‘normal’ looking cow. Symbolized with fine brush strokes, a signature of Van Gogh, he manages to surprise us yet again with his ability to do the unexpected.

  • Whistlejacket By George Stubbs
  • Regarded as George Stubbs’s finest horse painting, the Whistleacket is a painting of the thoroughbred racehorse. The horse is painted rising on his hind legs as if wanting to touch the sky. The canvas is made intentionally large with all focus on the detailed horse hair strokes, paying close attention to the horse’s appearance and energy. 

    3. What does animal paintings signify?

    Animal paintings on canvas have been inspired by the complexity of human emotions. This symbolism connects humans with their inner soul including generating feelings of greed, fear and strength. Such forms of artwork received major recognition during the Renaissance period. This was a time where artists painted animals to convey their personal religious narratives through abstract animal paintings.

    4. Where can you place animal paintings in your house?

    Depending upon the colour scheme, the emotion evoked and pattern showcase in the piece can help decide where to place animal paintings within your home.

    1. Uplifting animal paintings that emote positivity, can be placed just about anywhere in the house. However, we would recommend placing it in the living room to help create a positive atmosphere.
    2. Animal paintings emoting feelings of lust, greed and desire should be avoided as home decor pieces.
    3. Introducing dog paintings in the children’s room is a wise idea as the animal is often connected with happiness, love and alertness. 
    4. Horses are considered to be a symbol of speed, energy and triumph. Placing horse paintings in the bedroom is believed to bring financial stability into one's life. 

    Positive, uplifting and empowering paintings would make for great home wall art. So take your pick from various animal paintings available on Pisarto.

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