The origins of bird paintings can be traced back to pre-historic times when depictions of everyday life, including birds, were found in cave paintings. In the Middle Ages, goldfinches (birds wit... Read More

Bird Paintings - Exploring Nature, Art, and Symbolism

Bird paintings are an artistic depiction of aviary creatures that serve as a medium to induce peace as well as voice opinions through allegories. For example, in terms of allegories, predatory birds often serve as a symbol of power, whereas doves stand for peace. 

History of Bird Paintings

The origins of bird paintings can be traced back to pre-historic times when depictions of everyday life, including birds, were found in cave paintings. In the Middle Ages, goldfinches (birds with stout conical bills) were commonly seen in illustrated manuscripts due to their association with the story of Christ. Birds were also a favourite subject for paintings in China, right from the days of the Tang dynasty (618-907 B.C.)

However, the previously mentioned examples (with the exception of Chinese art) were known to be stylistic renditions of bird paintings. It was only in the 19th century that realistic depictions of birds, especially their biology, became a mainstream phenomenon among artists. Birds were now portrayed in varied surroundings, both natural and near civilisation. Also, various other aspects of their lives, such as nesting, feeding, defending against predators, etc. were explored in minute detail. 

Ways to Uplift Home Decor with Bird Paintings 

Whether it is a depiction in nature paintings or their representation in urban settings, aviary presence through artworks can have an uplifting appeal to home decor. Hence, here are some ways you could bird paintings to deck up your lovely home. 

  • Feng Shui Inspiration - In Feng Shui applications, birds are often seen as strong symbols of new opportunities. Depending on the bird, they can even symbolise love, commitment, and even luck. So, if you are intrigued by the philosophy and looking for quick tips on decor, take cues from feng shui. 
  • Matching colours - Match the prominent colour of your bird painting on canvas with the wall you intend to place it on. The seamless blending of the artwork with the background makes for a pleasing background that is easy on the eyes. For example, if you have a red tone colour scheme, you could opt for sunset paintings to blend in.
  • Neutral tones - If the colour scheme of your home is on the lighter end, especially white, this point is for you. When it comes to lighter background, it is recommended to go for bird paintings in neutral tones. In such scenarios, too many colours that have a distracting effect on the overall visual appeal of the room. 

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Bird Paintings - FAQ's

1. Who are some of the famous bird painting artists?

Here are the three most famous artists who brought birds and nature closer to art enthusiasts. 

  • Carel Fabritius was a Dutch painter and naturalist who was known for his detailed and lifelike paintings of birds and other wildlife. He developed his own art style and created various bird paintings. For example, while making bird painting, he used to experiment with different lighting styles and perspectives. “The Goldfinch” is one of his most famous artwork that was created in the year 1654.
  • A Hungarian and British artist, Jakob Bogdani was known to feature an array of exotic species in bird paintings. He brilliantly depicted the beauty of macaws, mynas, cockatoos, etc. in his still-life paintings. His most famous bird painting is the “Cat Among Roosters” that was created in the year 1710.
  • Melchior d'Hondecoeter, a Dutch painter, was known for depicting bird subjects in park-like landscapes. His paintings mostly featured ducks, pigeons, partridges. His “The Floating Feather” painting became one of the most celebrated artworks in the year 1680.
  • Jacopo de' Barbari was a Venetian artist who had a highly individual style of depicting birds in his paintings. He was famous for portrait paintings of religious figures. But he gained popularity after painting the famous “Sparrowhawk” in the year 1510.
  • A German painter, Tobias Stranover, was well-known for his still life bird and fruit paintings. He was heavily inspired by the artist Melchior d'Hondecoeter’s “The Floating Feather” painting and followed his style of artwork. He gained popularity for painting the now-famous “The Mobbing Of A Long-Eared Owl By Other Birds.” You can see the similarity in the style of painting with that of d'Hondecoeter’s

2. What are bird paintings?

Bird painting is a kind of artwork that depicts the colourful flying creatures in their natural habitat. Several artists have used their distinctive art style for depicting the elegance and beauty of exotic birds. Many bird paintings visually bring viewers close to birds and mother nature. Be it red, blue, yellow, or green, birds are adorned with mesmerizing colours that make them feel lifelike to the viewers. 

3. How to make bird paintings?

Listed below are steps to create bird paintings on canvas while matching your artistic style - 

  • Pick A Bird
  • Start by choosing a bird you would like to depict in your artwork. For inspiration, you can refer to a photograph and then draw outlines on a piece of canvas.

  • Start With The Base Colours
  • First, paint your bird’s head, body, and wings. To reflect light in your bird paintings, keep the saturation a little softer in a few places. If the subject is multi-coloured, then it is easier to paint one part of the bird and then move on to another. 

  • Add Details
  • After colouring the birds, move on to the detailing process by drawing eyes, feathers, and more. Use a fine-pointed paintbrush to highlight the soft feather details of the bird. Then use dark coloured paint to add life to the eyes. Also, add deeper colour or shading to showcase the bird’s beak and feet. Lastly, add shades to the wing feathers for a shiny effect in your bird painting.

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