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    Mythology Paintings - FAQs 

    1. What are some of the best mythology paintings by Indian artists?

    Some notable mythology paintings by Indian artists include:

          1. Bal Gopal: This baby Krishna painting features the God in blue, playfully holding a flute to his mouth.
          2. Sanyasi: A sanyasi is one that has given up on the materialistic things and has chosen to live and follow the path of God. The painting features a foggy forest with beautifully blended colours.
          3. Ganesha: Deep history lingers behind Lord Ganesha. The painting represents the inner purity and peace with the Lord sitting calmly and giving his blessings.
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    • Krishna and Arjun: A unique vision from the story of Mahabharat shows Lord Krishna and Arjun putting a conch to their mouth when going into the battle of Kurukshetra.
    • Radha Krishna: Radha and Krishna are regarded as a couple sharing the same being or physical body. This painting showcases the faces of both attached to the same body, indicating that they will forever be inseparable.

    • 2. What are some good mythological paintings you would like to share?

      1. Here are some of the best mythology paintings worth sharing:
      2. Manthan By Milesh Mepani
      3. This painting is a representation of an event from the Hindu mythology that explains the origin of Amrit- the drink of immortality. The Bhagavata Purana, the Mahabharata and the Vishnu Purana, all feature mentions of this concoction; thus its embodiment into a mythology art piece is often seen as relevant.
      4. Radha Krishna By Pampa Roy
      5. Showcasing the eternal love and bond between Lord Krishna and Radha, this painting is a reminder that love conquers all. This mythical art piece, in particular, features a flute and Radha posing lovingly next to her lover.
      6. Kamdhenu By Aatmica Ojha
      7. There is a great significance of Gou Mata in Hindu mythology. The divine bovine-goddess is believed to be the mother of all cows. The miraculous “cow of plenty” fulfils its worshipper’s deep desires. This artistic piece, therefore, holds immense cultural significance.

      3. Why, in many Hindu mythological paintings, are the eyes of gods and goddesses half-open and half-closed?

      The eye is often regarded as the bridge connecting the physical world with the inner reality. Hindu mythological paintings feature gods and goddesses with open eyes symbolising life and intelligence. Whereas, closed eyes are a representation of sleep, meditation or peace.

      4. Which mythology paintings are the oldest?

      One of the oldest Indian mythological paintings is Chitra-Lakshana believed to have been compiled between 450 A.D. to 650 A.D. This mythical painting describes the myth of King Naganajit - the tale of a king asking Yamraj to free his son from the clutches of death. While there might have been older paintings about Indian mythology, they might have perished with time.

      5. Which is the right place to display mythology paintings at home?

      Here are some insights as to where you can place mythology paintings in your home:

      1. Mythology paintings featuring sources of water should be placed in the northern corner of the home. Similarly, paintings with fire as the main element should be placed in the southernmost corner.
      2. Pooja rooms or areas of worship can also be decorated with Indian mythology art.
      3. Mythology love paintings should be hung in the bedroom as they are believed to bring harmony to romantic relationships.
      4. Remember when you are decorating a wall with Mythology paintings, choose smaller pieces for narrow walls and larger canvas wall art pieces for big walls.


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