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    Canvas Painting - The Epitome of Sophistication

    The foundation of great artworks is built on a very sturdy base of classic forms like a canvas painting. These are paintings sketched on a durable, rough piece of cloth fixed upon a wooden frame to provide the perfect blank leaf to etch the inner creativity flow. A canvas painting is extremely elegant with great aesthetic value since the canvas allows colors to come through in all their beauty. Ever since the 16th century Italian Renaissance era, canvas art painting has been a booming part of the art industry and you can take a look at the latest pieces at Pisarto.

    Find the Right Canvas Painting for You

    Pisarto's versatile collection of canvas paintings for sale has something for everyone. From canvas painting for beginners to pieces for ardent art enthusiasts, these are the top categories to browse through:

    • Wildlife Canvas Painting: Wildlife is one of nature's most complex phenomena and canvas paintings are among the best ways to portray it. These paintings feature depictions of wildlife at different stages of life, available in single as well as multi-panel options in many sizes.
    • Landscape Canvas Painting: One of the most popular types of paintings, landscape paintings portray the calm serenity of the great outdoors. These include extremely simple subjects like mountains, sunsets, lakes, etc. along with multiple options in rural and city life representation.
    • Canvas Abstract Paintings: Modern canvas wall art is all about finding the deeper meanings in minimalist art pieces, and vibrant colors to symbolize matters of depth. 
    • People Canvas Painting: The intricacies of human nature are one of the biggest areas that require careful analysis. Figurative paintings make use of people's figures to take a look into human relationships and emotions. Available in different sizes, mediums, and varieties, Pisarto has it all.

    Canvas Painting to Instantly Upgrade Home Decor

    Canvas artwork is the best way to add some depth and meaning to your interiors along with the tasteful vibe you are aiming for. Here are a few tips to remember to make ideal use of canvas wall art:

    • Wildlife oil paintings have an exuberant quality that you should hang above your bed in the bedroom. Maintain a contrast of neutral and vibrant shades for a classic look.
    • As landscape paintings tend to be large, add this natural element to your living room decor for some liveliness. This is bound to bring some warmth to your area.
    • An abstract acrylic painting is a perfect decor for your work or study table as the hues can often motivate the human psyche. A small canvas painting either above or on your desk should do the trick.

    Buy Canvas Paintings Online at Pisarto

    Pisarto is a CRISIL certified online art gallery aiming to bridge the distance between art like beautiful canvas paintings and those with a passion for the same. Featuring a large number of up-and-coming artists, the canvas art for sale you see at Pisarto is unlike any other. So, start shopping for your favourite canvas painting online!

    Canvas Paintings - FAQ’s

    What is canvas painting?

    A canvas is an extremely durable, plain woven fabric that is stretched upon a wooden frame, often used as a surface for oil paints, acrylics, etc. Any painting done upon this fabric is an easy canvas painting as it takes color well. 

    How do you hang a non-framed canvas painting?

    As any canvas painting already has a wooden frame, you can hang it very easily on a wall. All you have to do is hammer nails in the wall, depending on the size of your wall canvas painting and hang it up. Also, you do not necessarily have to go with a framed canvas painting as there are ways to decorate unframed paintings as well. If you have a small canvas painting, one is enough, or you could go for multiple if the size is bigger.

    Which Colors are best for canvas painting?

    Any color on a simple canvas painting looks alive and life-like, so you can use it all on the canvas. You can also choose your modern art canvas painting based on your interior decor. For eg., if you have neutral interiors, bright landscape canvas paintings are good for adding a pop of color. If you’re religious, you could also go with Radha Krishna canvas paintings.

    Where can I buy canvas painting online?

    You can buy beautiful canvas paintings online on Pisarto—a popular online art gallery. The available collections feature abstract paintings on canvas, people-oriented artworks, and more. You can also find canvas paintings for beginners if you are an artist looking for some inspiration.

    How can you tighten a canvas painting?

    Here are some steps to tighten your canvas painting for living room:

    • Spray some hot water on your Buddha canvas painting and rub the beads into the canvas gently.
    • Immediately dry the white or black canvas painting. You can use heating devices like a hairdryer or use natural sunlight.
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    canvas paintings Online with Price

    Canvas Paintings Collection Canvas Paintings Price
    Sunset View
    Rs. 9,781
    Fish in a Relay
    Rs. 9,653
    Elephants in Motion
    Rs. 9,600
    3 Panel Wall Art
    Rs. 9,500
    The Red Saffron
    Rs. 9,372
    Musical Oriental Woman
    Rs. 9,221
    Rs. 9,165
    Dance of Dragons
    Rs. 8,600
    Fishing Village at Sunset
    Rs. 8,337
    Marketplace at Dawn
    Rs. 7,975