Canvas Paintings


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    Wolf and the Moon 3'11" X 3'3"
    Regular price Rs.14,000 Sale price Rs.7,000
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    Marble Buddha 3'3"X3'11"
    Regular price Rs.16,000 Sale price Rs.9,000
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    Ships In 7-10 days
    44% Off
    Human Tree 3' 3" X 3' 11"
    Regular price Rs.18,000 Sale price Rs.10,000
    Save Rs.8,000 (44% Off)
    Ships In 7-10 days
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    Blessings of Ganesha 3'3" X 3'11"
    Regular price Rs.18,000 Sale price Rs.10,000
    Save Rs.8,000 (44% Off)
    Ships In 7-10 days
    50% Off
    Deep Conversation 4' 10" X 3' 11"
    Regular price Rs.22,000 Sale price Rs.11,000
    Save Rs.11,000 (50% Off)
    Ships In 7-10 days
    38% Off
    Vendors (Delivery within MUMBAI Only) 3'0" X 2'0"
    Regular price Rs.22,500 Sale price Rs.14,000
    Save Rs.8,500 (38% Off)
    Ships In 7-10 days
    8% Off
    Abstract - Wood Skin (4' 0" X 3' 0")
    Regular price Rs.58,689 Sale price Rs.53,994
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    Ships In 7-10 days
    8% Off
    Fire Bird (3' 0" X 2' 0")
    Regular price Rs.42,683 Sale price Rs.39,268
    Save Rs.3,415 (8% Off)
    Ships In 7-10 days
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    Alignment 3' 11" X 3' 3"
    Regular price Rs.18,500 Sale price Rs.10,000
    Save Rs.8,500 (46% Off)
    Ships In 7-10 days
    8% Off
    Horizons 31 3' 9" X 3' 0"
    Regular price Rs.50,686 Sale price Rs.46,884
    Save Rs.3,802 (8% Off)
    Ships In 7-10 days
    12% Off
    Horse of Dreams 3'0" X 5'0"
    Regular price Rs.218,750 Sale price Rs.192,500
    Save Rs.26,250 (12% Off)
    Ships In 7-10 days
    12% Off
    Ganesha Calligraphy 1 1'6" X 1'6"
    Regular price Rs.31,478 Sale price Rs.27,700
    Save Rs.3,778 (12% Off)
    Ships In 7-10 days
    52% Off
    Divine Ganesha 1'9" X 2'2"
    Regular price Rs.15,500 Sale price Rs.7,500
    Save Rs.8,000 (52% Off)
    Ships In 7-10 days
    48% Off
    Eyes that Speak 3'3"X3'11"
    Regular price Rs.15,500 Sale price Rs.8,000
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    Ships In 7-10 days
    56% Off
    Fire Splash 1'8" X 2'6"
    Regular price Rs.37,553 Sale price Rs.16,500
    Save Rs.21,053 (56% Off)
    Ships In 7-10 days
    10% Off
    Butterfly (3' 0" X 3' 0")
    Regular price Rs.42,683 Sale price Rs.38,415
    Save Rs.4,268 (10% Off)
    Ships In 7-10 days
    8% Off
    From the Nest 4' 9" X 3' 8"
    Regular price Rs.74,695 Sale price Rs.68,719
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    Ships In 7-10 days
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    Sky Drop 3' 0" X 2' 0"
    Regular price Rs.27,058 Sale price Rs.25,028
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    Ships In 7-10 days
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    Unfolding (JS) 2' 0" X 3' 0"
    Regular price Rs.37,729 Sale price Rs.34,899
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    Gallery-Worthy Canvas Paintings for Every Art Lover

    Are you looking for affordable yet stunning canvas paintings to enhance the aesthetics of your home? Look no further than Pisarto! From beautiful acrylic and oil paintings to abstract or figurative art, we have something in the store for everyone. Let us dive deep into the popular categories available on our online platform.  Read More

    The Top 4 Categories of Canvas Paintings Online Shopping

    In the world of canvas paintings, four types stand out as the most sought-after choices for art enthusiasts. Let us explore the beautiful range offered on our platform.

    Wildlife Paintings: These pieces of art allow you to enjoy the beauty of the wild. From majestic lions to graceful dolphins, these canvas pieces portray the magical wonders of the animal kingdom. Each design brings these creatures to life and focuses on adding a touch of wilderness to your home decor.

    Abstract Paintings: For those who find joy in the freedom of expression, this category is specially catered for you. The abstract paintings include unique shapes, vibrant colours, and unconventional forms. The beauty of these is that you can connect with them on a personal level.

    Mythology Paintings: These canvas paintings are solely designed to bring ancient stories and legends to life. By adding these to your wall, you allow yourself to immerse into the rich tapestry of mythical legends. From Greek gods to Hindu deities, each painting is designed to add a touch of mystique. 

    Figurative Paintings: This category features beautiful human figures. The artworks are typically crafted to capture the grace, emotions, and complexities of the human body. Therefore, these are perfect for those who admire the beauty of human beings. 

    Factors to Consider When Shopping for Canvas Paintings 

    When choosing canvas paintings, a few factors need to be considered to ensure the best piece for your home setting. Allow us to guide you on your journey to making informed choices when it comes to picking out artwork. 

    Size and Space: One must measure the dimensions of the artwork and the space where you desire to hang it. This ensures that the painting complements the size of your room. For example, a large piece might be a focal point in a spacious living space. 

    Personal Taste and Preference: Determine the theme of your home decor. Do you prefer vibrant colors like acrylic paintings or subtle tones? Think about the emotions and atmosphere you want to create in the room and choose canvas painting designs that resonate with your aesthetic preferences.

    Budget: Pisarto ensures affordable options for you with great quality. With our range of cheap canvas paintings online, you can find the perfect piece that fits your budget without compromising on the design or craftsmanship.

    Art Medium: Ask yourself if you have a specific preference. However, our collection offers a range of these in various mediums. From acrylic to watercolour paintings, we have a lot of options for you. Therefore, choose something that aligns best with your taste.

    Shop for Canvas Paintings from Pisarto Today

    We are keen on making your hearts happy with a stunning collection of canvas paintings. Our team ensures that every piece meets the standards of creativity and quality. Our selection ensures affordable prices for all. With our user-friendly platform and customer service, your art shopping experience at Pisarto will be smooth. So why wait? Shop for canvas paintings by signing up on the platform today.

    Canvas Paintings - FAQ’s

    What is canvas painting?

    A canvas is an extremely durable, plain woven fabric that is stretched upon a wooden frame, often used as a surface for oil paints, acrylics, etc. Any painting done upon this fabric is an easy canvas painting as it takes color well. 

    How do you hang a non-framed canvas painting?

    As any canvas painting already has a wooden frame, you can hang it very easily on a wall. All you have to do is hammer nails in the wall, depending on the size of your wall canvas painting and hang it up. Also, you do not necessarily have to go with a framed canvas painting as there are ways to decorate unframed paintings as well. If you have a small canvas painting, one is enough, or you could go for multiple if the size is bigger.

    Which Colors are best for canvas painting?

    Any color on a simple canvas painting looks alive and life-like, so you can use it all on the canvas. You can also choose your modern art canvas painting based on your interior decor. For eg., if you have neutral interiors, bright landscape canvas paintings are good for adding a pop of color. If you’re religious, you could also go with Radha Krishna canvas paintings.

    Where can I buy canvas painting online?

    You can buy beautiful canvas paintings online on Pisarto—a popular online art gallery. The available collections feature abstract paintings on canvas, people-oriented artworks, and more. You can also find canvas paintings for beginners if you are an artist looking for some inspiration.

    How can you tighten a canvas painting?

    Here are some steps to tighten your canvas painting for the living room:

    • Spray some hot water on your Buddha canvas painting and rub the beads into the canvas gently.
    • Immediately dry the white or black canvas painting. You can use heating devices like a hairdryer or use natural sunlight.

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    Unfolding (JS)
    Sky Drop
    From the Nest
    Butterfly (3' 0" X 3' 0")
    Fire Splash
    Eyes that Speak
    Divine Ganesha
    Ganesha Calligraphy 1
    Horse of Dreams
    Horizons 31