Acrylic Paintings To Make Your Walls Stand Out

Acrylic paintings became prevalent in the art circle only in the recent past, as compared to other painting styles. Originating in the mid-20th century, several artists used acrylic paints as an alternative to the slow-drying oil paints. This switch gave them the freedom to modify appearances and textures of their paintings with relative ease.

In terms of style, acrylic paintings are known for their dominant bright colours with sharp brushstrokes and lines. This gave artists immense potential to experiment and enthral art enthusiasts globally.

Right from sculptural low-relief canvases to ethereal compositions, acrylic paintings feature varied styles suiting the diverse ambience of a home. 

  • Acrylic paintings are known to last longer with limited discolouration.  This makes even older paintings retain the original visual aesthetic. 
  • Acrylic paints are smooth on canvas, and do not lead to cracks once painted on a surface. Along with the lack of discolouration, this feature has made acrylic paintings popular among art collectors globally. For instance, abstract paintings made by artists Kazimir Malevich and Jackson Pollock in the early 20th century still retain their original texture and are lauded for their distinct appeal. 

Styles of Acrylic Paintings:

  • Dry Brush – Use of completely dry brush to create scratchy, textured strokes.
  • Washing – Dilute the paint with water to create a translucent wash similar to watercolor.
  • Stippling – Use of brush to create an assemblage of tiny dots.
  • Splattering – Flick or splatter a wet brush dipped in pigment onto the canvas.
  • Dabbing – Use of a stiff bristle brush or paper towel to apply paint with light pressure.
  • Sponging – Use of a cellulose sponge to apply paint in a similar dabbing motion.
  • Palette Knife – Apply paint to the canvas using a palette knife or painter’s edge.
  • Detailing – Use of a small, fine brush to add finishing details.
  • Glazing – Mix a thin, translucent glaze with paint to create a rich, luminous hue.

Decorate Your House With Beautiful Acrylic Paintings 

One of the best ways of boosting your home decor is with statement acrylic paintings s that add to the visual appeal of your beautiful homes. Here are some creative acrylic painting ideas to highlight your walls with rich, eye-catching artworks. 

  • Set of Three

Grouping a set of three acrylic paintings is a surefire way of adding a dynamic personality to your room. For example, acrylic Ganesha paintings, when paired with other religious artworks, can fill your living room with positive vibes and spiritual energy. 

  • Hallway Art
  • Acrylic paintings with different sizes will guarantee to bring life to your hallways. For example, acrylic nature paintings can be hanged on one side of the hallway, and another wall can be kept blank for a more asymmetrical look. You can also arrange a number of paintings in a way that the lineup begins with a dark shaded painting and ends with a light one or vice versa.

  • Ceramics with Paintings
  • Give your wall a unique twist by hanging acrylic paintings surrounded by beautifully printed porcelains and earthenwares. For example, acrylic bird paintings, when surrounded by a porcelain collection can make your walls look more appealing to visitors.

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    FAQs - Acrylic Paintings

    1.What are Acrylic Paintings?

    Acrylic painting is an art style that is created using synthetic acrylic resins. Acrylics dry rapidly and give the visual impression of both watercolour and oil paintings.

    Acrylic paintings became popular in the 20th century when artists were concerned about the health risk posed by handling oil paints and its fumes. Hence, in no time, acrylic paintings garnered praises as a safer alternative along with their fast-drying qualities and permanence. Moreover, acrylic paints are known to significantly enhance the tonality and richness of paintings. 

    2.How do you paint an Acrylic painting for beginners?

    As a beginner, choose a subject that is simpler and easy to paint and then follow these five steps to paint acrylic paintings. 

    1. Explore acrylic painting ideas and pick one that looks easy enough for you. Create a rough sketch of the painting with primary elements and shapes on the canvas or tracing paper. If you use the latter, it can be used to transfer the final design on the canvas.  
    2. Plan the layout of your painting and decide where to place your focal point (the centre of your artwork).
    3. Begin drawing on a tinted canvas that complements your composition. 
    4. Begin painting from the centre of the canvas and then move on to other corners of the canvas. 
    5. Add tiny details in your paintings, such as small shapes and shadows, to add for viewers to decipher and enhance their experience with the artwork. 

    3.How do you protect an acrylic painting?

    To protect acrylic paintings from long term decay, you need to apply a thin protective layer of varnish (a mixture of a solvent and a resin) that creates a robust bond with the surface of your painting. 

    Steps for Varnishing Acrylic Paintings

    1. Apply a transparent layer of a solvent - isolation coat to separate the underlying layer of varnish from the paintings.
    2. Use a lint-free cloth to wipe the surface and make it clean and dry.
    3. Consider keeping your acrylic paintings in a clean and dust-free room.
    4. Lay the paintings on a newspaper, cardboard, or MDF (medium-density fibreboard) before varnishing to avoid any spillage on a surface.
    5. Keep a small piece of wood on each corner of your paintings, so the artwork does not stick to the surface below.
    6. Use a clean brush to apply strokes from one side to another and from top to bottom.
    7. Varnish to the point that no brush marks are visible on the surface of acrylic paintings.
    8. Once you have covered an area, do not go back or you risk dragging dry resin into wet. 
    9. If you have left any area to varnish, first allow the painting to completely dry for an hour or two and then begin the re-varnishing process. 
    10. Finally, choose a flat surface and allow the painting to dry for more than two hours.

    You can also perform the above-mentioned task with varnish spray. Follow the first five steps and then spray varnish on your acrylic paintings or images and leave them to dry for two hours or more.

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