Acrylic Paintings


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    Lost Paradise 5' 9" X 2' 1"
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    Deep Conversation 4' 10" X 3' 11"
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    The Inspiration 3' 0" X 2' 0"
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    Horizons 6 2' 11" X 1' 8"
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    Horizons 15 1' 8" X 1' 8"
    Regular price Rs.22,942 Sale price Rs.21,221
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    Inside 3' 0" X 3' 9"
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    Dead Colors 5' 3" X 3' 6.5"
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    Morning Brightness 6' 0" X 4' 0"
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    The Mask 4'0" X 3'0"
    Regular price Rs.67,530 Sale price Rs.62,465
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    Engaged (JS) 1' 8" X 2' 2"
    Regular price Rs.29,345 Sale price Rs.27,144
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    Moonlight (Dot Art) 1' 0" X 1' 0"
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    Bismillah (Urdu Calligraphy) 2' 0" X 3' 0"
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    Bull in the Wild 3'0" X 4'0"
    Regular price Rs.202,743 Sale price Rs.178,414
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    Layers Abstract 4' 9" X 3' 6"
    Regular price Rs.58,689 Sale price Rs.53,994
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    Village Market by the Sea 2'7"X1'11"
    Regular price Rs.12,000 Sale price Rs.7,500
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    Horizons 31 3' 9" X 3' 0"
    Regular price Rs.50,686 Sale price Rs.46,884
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    Chappak 2' 0" X 2' 7"
    Regular price Rs.20,198 Sale price Rs.18,178
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    Livelihood 2' 1" X 2' 11"
    Regular price Rs.20,198 Sale price Rs.18,178
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    Human Tree 3' 3" X 3' 11"
    Regular price Rs.18,000 Sale price Rs.11,500
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    Acrylic Paintings: A Blend of Modern Art and Timeless Beauty

    Acrylic paintings have truly captured the hearts of many in recent times. Their vibrant hues and rich texture are a testament to beautiful art. This growing liking has made them become a part of many people’s lives in the form of wall decor. If you are looking for the same, you are at the right place. Pisarto is home to a wide variety of artwork that can elevate your space aesthetically. Join us as we dive deep into the world of acrylic paintings on the platform.

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    Explore the Most Aesthetic Styles of Acrylic Paintings at Pisarto

    As you check out our collection, you will scroll through some of the most impressive works of art. We have everything from modern acrylic paintings to ones that showcase our country’s rich heritage. Let us go through some popular styles to give you a better idea.

    1. Abstract

    Abstract acrylic paintings are a great way for artists to express themselves without sticking to a subject. The freedom to convey the emotions and ideas of the creator makes them a unique attraction in the realm of wall decor. 

    1. Wildlife

    Wildlife acrylic paintings capture the beauty and majesty of the animal kingdom. They often depict various species in their natural habitats, exhibiting their power and grace. From majestic lions to graceful dolphins, wildlife paintings make you feel like you are with these wonderful beings.

    1. Religious

    Religious paintings hold profound spiritual significance and are often used as a means of expressing faith and devotion. They depict divine figures, scenes, and symbols that hold special meaning for believers. These paintings can create a sense of calmness and peace in a room.

    1. Landscape

    These nature paintings capture the beauty of the world, showcasing breathtaking vistas and aesthetic environments. They can transport viewers to a completely different place, leaving them in awe. These famous acrylic paintings often feature vibrant colours and intricate details.

    Things to Keep in Mind while Buying Acrylic Paintings for Your Space

    Acrylic paintings are more than just aesthetic pieces that please the eye. However, the vast range available on our platform might make it challenging to pick the right ones. So, let us go through a few key considerations while buying acrylic paintings from Pisarto:

    1. Style and Theme: Consider the format of the painting that resonates with you. Be it landscape or still life paintings, choose a theme that matches your persona and adds to the beauty of the space.

      Placement and Size: Consider the wall space in your home. Smaller paintings can be grouped together, whereas a large piece can become a single point of focus. Also, consider their placement to ensure they receive adequate lighting.

      Colour Palette: Be it acrylic or poly acrylic paintings, you must take into account their colour palette and how it will harmonise with your existing decor. Neutral tones can create a calming ambience, whereas vibrant and bold hues can liven up a space.

    Shop from a Diverse Range of Acrylic Paintings at Pisarto

    Acrylic paintings, with their rich history and diverse techniques, offer a plethora of options for art enthusiasts and homeowners. At Pisarto, we make it easier for individuals to purchase these masterpieces. Moreover, to help you make an informed decision, we provide product descriptions and ensure that our acrylic paintings’ images are high quality. So what are you waiting for? Browse our catalogue and shop for your favourite pieces now!

    FAQs - Acrylic Paintings

    1.What are Acrylic Paintings?

    Acrylic painting is an art style that is created using synthetic acrylic resins. Acrylics dry rapidly and give the visual impression of both watercolor and oil paintings.

    Acrylic paintings became popular in the 20th century when artists were concerned about the health risks posed by handling oil paints and their fumes. Hence, in no time, acrylic paintings garnered praises as a safer alternative along with their fast-drying qualities and permanence. Moreover, acrylic paints are known to significantly enhance the tonality and richness of paintings.

    2.How do you paint an Acrylic painting for beginners?

    As a beginner, choose a subject that is simpler and easy to paint and then follow these five steps to paint acrylic paintings.

    1. Explore acrylic painting ideas and pick one that looks easy enough for you. Create a rough sketch of the painting with primary elements and shapes on the canvas or tracing paper. If you use the latter, it can be used to transfer the final design on the canvas.
    2. Plan the layout of your painting and decide where to place your focal point (the centre of your artwork).
    3. Begin drawing on a tinted canvas that complements your composition.
    4. Begin painting from the centre of the canvas and then move on to other corners of the canvas.
    5. Add tiny details in your paintings, such as small shapes and shadows, to add for viewers to decipher and enhance their experience with the artwork.

    3. How do you protect an acrylic painting?

    To protect acrylic paintings from long term decay, you need to apply a thin protective layer of varnish (a mixture of a solvent and a resin) that creates a robust bond with the surface of your painting.

    Steps for Varnishing Acrylic Paintings

    1. Apply a transparent layer of a solvent - isolation coat to separate the underlying layer of varnish from the paintings.
    2. Use a lint-free cloth to wipe the surface and make it clean and dry.
    3. Consider keeping your acrylic paintings in a clean and dust-free room.
    4. Lay the paintings on a newspaper, cardboard, or MDF (medium-density fibreboard) before varnishing to avoid any spillage on a surface.
    5. Keep a small piece of wood on each corner of your paintings, so the artwork does not stick to the surface below.
    6. Use a clean brush to apply strokes from one side to another and from top to bottom.
    7. Varnish to the point that no brush marks are visible on the surface of acrylic paintings.
    8. Once you have covered an area, do not go back or you risk dragging dry resin into wet. 
    9. If you have left any area to varnish, first allow the painting to completely dry for an hour or two and then begin the re-varnishing process. 
    10. Finally, choose a flat surface and allow the painting to dry for more than two hours.

    You can also perform the above-mentioned task with varnish spray. Follow the first five steps and then spray varnish on your acrylic paintings or images and leave them to dry for two hours or more.

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