Women, Lady Paintings

Woman Paintings: A Stunning Addition To Your Abode

Whether you take the Egyptian royalty or Renaissance art from the 14th century, you will find a number of canvases and sculptures that have been inspired by the aesthetic female form. Especially, when it came to the canvas and brush, woman paintings have been a favourite topic of traditional and contemporary artists. 

Earlier lady paintings had religious connotations and women depicted as a goddess or a powerful mythological character. Soon, woman paintings eventually marked a shift towards portraits of royalty and elite class ladies in all their finery and jewellery. 

With popular artists like Michelangelo and later on Picasso, the image of women in art changed fully making them more real and with symbolism of the current social scenario.

Types Of Beautiful Woman Paintings

A picture surely speaks a thousand words, and having a woman painting in your living room or bedroom is sure to enhance it. The best part is that you have a wide variety of international and Indian paintings to pick from. 

To begin with, you can pick between watercolour, oil, acrylic and mixed media when looking for woman paintings. Within which, you have a choice of styles to explore. Depending on the vibe you are looking for, opt for classic village paintings or go for a contemporary, abstract one and let the art speak to you.

Tips To Buying Beautiful Lady Painting

Whichever style you choose, you must know the basics of buying art. There are a few things you should keep in mind before you add a piece to your home or office. Read about them here.

  1. Research: One of the key things when buying art is to do plenty of research online and offline. Take a look at a few top styles of art at galleries and browse through a host of options online. You will soon find certain types of woman paintings that catch your eye the most. Rely on that instinct when you finally pick a piece. Remember, art is personal so take your time.
  2. Consider Your Decor: While picking a classic or abstract woman painting, remember to take your homes into consideration and do not get carried away. Get an expert to measure the space correctly and find a size that matches best. Furthermore, try to find a woman painting that suits the colour scheme and overall theme of your house.
  3. Ask: Whether you are a novice or a seasoned art buyer, there is no harm in asking multiple questions. Learn about the artists, their art styles, themes, the sustainability of the painting, etc. For example, when picking a goddess or god paintings, feel free to learn about the history behind it.
  4. Follow Your Heart: Once you have done enough research and learnt about woman painting, simply follow your gut. It could be some humble tribal paintings or international art. If it cheers you up, it is time to invest in it.

Buy Woman Painting Online on Pisarto

The most reliable online store to get woman paintings is Pisarto. Here you will find stunning woman paintings from both Indian and international artists’. In terms of purchases too, the buyer’s ease of shopping is kept in mind with perks such as free shipping above purchases of Rs 7500, all-India shipping, etc. 

These reasons should give you enough reasons to go and buy the best woman paintings from Pisarto today.

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Women, Lady Paintings Online with price

Women, Lady Paintings Collection Women, Lady Paintings Price
Rs. 5,599
Musical Princess
Rs. 28,989
Divine Love - II
Rs. 32,200
Divine Love -III
Rs. 144,900
Life Series 5
Rs. 11,340
Life Series 2
Rs. 11,340
Life Series 3
Rs. 11,340
Life Series 11
Rs. 11,340
Life Series 9
Rs. 11,340
Life Series 6
Rs. 11,340