India is an amalgamation of various rich sub-cultures, which makes it a rich, colorful and vibrant culture. Indian theme paintings try to capture this aspect on mediums like canvas or paper.

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Lovely Indian Theme Paintings for Your Beautiful Home and Office

India is an amalgamation of various rich sub-cultures and has a history that stretches over thousands of years. India is a blend of many religions, languages, philosophies, cuisines, art forms, civilisations and clans, and more. From mystical shamans at the Kumbh Mela to the expansive paintings at the Ajanta and Ellora caves, there is much that makes us what we uniquely are. If you are an art collector who has a soft corner for quintessentially Indian paintings, Pisarto is where you must be! We feature the works of many professional Indian artists who uphold and perpetuate art with an unmistakable desi spirit. Shop for Indian paintings on Pisarto and find the perfect home or office décor item in a few easy steps.

Let Your Interiors Speak Volumes

The Bhimbetka rocks in Madhya Pradesh are home to few of the most ancient Indian paintings in history. They have presented clues about the existence of the first humans in the Indian sub-continent around 30,000 years ago. Indian paintings are a thing of supreme beauty and can brighten up any living or working space. Read on for a quick tour of our collection of Indian art paintings before making a buying decision:
  1. Have you always been in awe of the numerous godmen of our country? Pick Indian paintings that depict sadhus in vibrant multi-colour. Hang them up in your study or even the guest room for offbeat yet pristine room interiors.
  2. Buy Indian artist paintings that are a freeze-frame of busy Kolkata streets for a dose of vintage charm. Put them up in your dining space for a fresh spin on room décor.
  3. Be transported to a land far away by Indian art that shows a typical, bustling village marketplace. Hang these lovely village paintings up at work and feel good every time you glance at them.
  4. Buy intricate Saraswati, Buddha Paintings and Ganesha paintings in both black and white and colourful renderings. These Indian paintings can be hung in the prayer or meditation room for a tranquil and soothing effect.
  5. Looking for pretty bedroom paintings? If you are a fan of portraits, pick from Indian paintings on canvas that depicts a curious little girl, a coconut seller or a woman washing clothes. You can even choose to make a collage of sorts of these paintings and display all your favourite pieces in a long hallway.

Buy Indian Art Online on Pisarto

Pisarto only has top-quality Indian paintings for sale; they are handpicked by professionals who are in the know about art. To help narrow down your choices, our product pages carry information about the pigment or medium and canvas used. Any pricing information and care instructions are also listed out on our website. Hence, no matter what your personal taste in art, there is something for you at Pisarto. Besides Indian paintings, we also stock Abstract Paintings, Modern Art Paintings, impressionist paintings and more. So login right away to shop for eye-catching paintings now.

Indian Paintings FAQs

1.What are Indian paintings? 

Indian paintings have been around since prehistoric times, (approximately 10,000 years old). The paintings provide a look at the aesthetics of the Indian civilization since the prehistoric time to present-day India. Indian paintings have evolved over the years from essentially painting religious artwork to fusion works that cover various traditions and cultures. 

2. Where can you place Indian paintings?

Indian paintings can be placed in the following places -

  • Centre your Indian paintings above a piece of furniture and style it according to its dimensions. For example, if you have standard sized Indian village paintings, they can be hanged above your beds, couch, side table, etc.
  • Hang your paintings right at the eye level of an average person in any room. That way, the artwork catches the eye, the moment someone enters the room.
  • Leaning your Indian paintings towards a wall gives you a more casual look to your house. If you have miniature Indian paintings, you can put them in your bookshelves, while oversized art pieces can look amazing leaned on a piece of furniture.

3. Which are the different types of Indian paintings?

Various painting styles have been developed across various regions in India, depicting their customs, traditions, and ideologies. Indian paintings are not just a reflection of the nation’s rich culture and lifestyle but a perfect example of artistic expression through distinct compositions. 

Here are the different types of Indian paintings which started since ancient period -

  • Religious Paintings - The Indian religious paintings depicted the sacred and artistic images of different religions. The paintings range from calm devotional images of Indian gods and goddesses to sensuous depiction of commonfolk as seen in Indian sculptures. 
  • Mandala Series - A mandala is a ritual and spiritual symbol in most Asian cultures. It is a geometric figure that holds a great deal of symbolism in Buddhism and Hinduism. In Indian paintings, Mandala represents different aspects of the universe and act as an instrument for meditation and symbols.
  • Women Paintings - The Indian paintings have been a favourite topic of traditional and contemporary artists since ages. Earlier, the artwork had religious connotations and women were often depicted as compelling mythological characters and goddesses. But eventually, artists depicted women more seductively in many Indian nude paintings. 
  • Modern Art Paintings - The Indian paintings show the influence of Western styles, but they are often inspired by Indian themes and imagery. They also occasionally include scenes from Indian mythology to convey themes through symbolism.
  • Portraits - Portraits represent the specific human subject in the artwork. Initially, portraits were made for remembering someone. But eventually, the style of art evolved to become a distinct style with dense ideas explored through human subjects. 
  • Landscape Paintings - Indian landscape paintings depicted the natural scenery of India and its regions. In the paintings, artists’ represented landscapes that they saw in front of them or from their imagination. Considering the diverse ecosystem in the country, Indian landscape paintings can have equally diverse depictions of the country’s natural beauty.

    4. Which are the most famous painting in India?

    For years, several Indian paintings have grabbed art lovers’ attention with their unique style of artwork. Here are some famous Indian paintings from artists who have taken the world by storm.

    • Charulata Series - Sudip Roy
    • Lady with the Lamp  - Hemen Majumdar
    • Self Portrait - Rabindranath Tagore
    • Bharat Mata - Abanindranath Tagore
    • Doll-series - Bikash Bhattacharjee
    • Confrontation - Jahar Dasgupta
    • Jesus - Jamini Roy
    • In Despair - Devajyoti Ray
    • Bull Series - Sunil Das
    • Persian and Moghul Styles - Rakesh Vijay

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