In modern religious art, artists have multiple sources of inspiration. However, all of them have this serene vibe to them that truly elevates the mood of the room.

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Religious Paintings - The Journey from Ancient to Modern Era

Almost every Indian household, especially Hindu ones, tend to feature religious art in some form. Whether it is a part of the prayer room or the general home decor, religious art continues to remain an intrinsic part of our lives. The same can be said about our ancestors too with the origins of religious art dating back to the ancient era. 

While the religious artwork flourished in the Gupta period (c. 320 CE – c. 550 CE), there haven’t been many surviving artworks. It is almost the same case with the late medieval phase where not many artworks have survived except for few religious wall paintings on temples. This can be attributed to the use of perishable products for artworks like wood. It was only in the Mughal and the British period that religious paintings became popular. While miniature paintings flourished in the Mughal era, watercolour paintings took off in the British and post-independence era. However, experimentation in art styles has reached its peak in the recent years, creating a common ground for classic and new styles to gain appreciation. 

What are the inspirations for religious paintings?

In modern religious art, artists have multiple sources of inspiration. However, all of them have this serene vibe to them that truly elevates the mood of the room. Here are some of the popular source of inspiration for religious paintings.

  1. Gods - The most obvious choice in religious paintings, gods or deities form the biggest source of inspiration for artists. Almost every region in India has its own artistic take in the depictions of gods. Be it eye-catching Saraswati or Ganesha paintings; there are numerous regions styles to choose from in religious paintings. 
  2. Event inspired paintings - Many stories from mythology have been immortalised in religious art over the years. Such paintings often serve as a quick throwback to critical moments in mythology that people often connect too. For example, many events from the Ramayana often serve as inspiration for beautiful religious paintings. 
  3. People or things associated with religion - Many a time, the theme of religious paintings are not directly connected to a religious entity or story. Rather, they focus the canvas on common motifs associated with religions. For example, sadhus often feature in religious paintings as their presence comes across as striking and magnetic, even in modern art paintings

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