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    Explore the Wild Side with Pisarto’s Wildlife Paintings

    Nature is everywhere, but it is time it makes its way onto the walls of your home in the form of extraordinary wildlife paintings. On days when you feel like you have lost your connection to nature, wildlife paintings can serve as a fitting reintroduction to the charms of the natural environment. With the inherent beauty and edge of a wildlife artwork from Pisarto, you will find yourself closer to the wonderment of nature, right from the comfort of your home. Read More

    Make An Unexpected Impact with Our Exquisite Wildlife Paintings

    With the trend taking over some of the biggest cities in the world, wildlife artwork is enlivening traditional living spaces everywhere. From huge majestic wildlife paintings to dramatic sculptures, people are investing in pieces that bring them closer to nature. The presence of a painting of wildlife is a good reminder that nature thrives and will always prevail. With different types of beautiful Pisarto wildlife conservation paintings, nature will only be one step away – right in your home.

    1. Black and White Wildlife Paintings: For people who prefer timeless colors in classic strokes, black and white wildlife paintings are evergreen art pieces that go well with all sorts of interior decors.
    2. Vibrant Coloured Wildlife Paintings: Offering an attractive use of colors that bring nature to life, every modernist needs to hang these colored paintings in their spirited homes.

    Transform Your Living Room with Striking Wildlife Paintings

    Return to nature with a collection of wildlife paintings from our curated collection that features realistic paintings of animals such as majestic wolves, brave Bengal tigers, and enchanting elephants. With easy wildlife paintings from Pisarto, bring nature and its glorious creatures to the walls of your home. Modern art has a way of livening blank walls, and wildlife paintings assist in bringing nature peacefully into your space. Wildlife should have a harmonious co-existence with our daily lives, and our homes should not be left out of it; wildlife art should be a part of every household in some way.

    Soften up a harsh corner with a delicate hand-made painting depicting wildlife or a vibrant portrait of animals living harmoniously in their natural habitat. Vibrant wild animal paintings are the perfect centrepieces to bind your room together through nature and art.

    Take The Plunge with Pisarto’s Realistic Paintings of Animals

    At Pisarto, some of the most magnificent and enchanting paintings of wildlife await you. With a forest and wildlife painting, you can enliven a traditional living room, making it more impressive and grander. Or choose one of our serene deer paintings for a subtle way to elevate a rather neutral corner. Wildlife paintings can bring new life to your home, transforming your interiors. With so many scenic options, you can choose to find wildlife paintings that match your home’s architecture or have an aesthetically pleasing contrast. Whether you lean towards digital art or are a traditional artwork connoisseur, Pisarto has something in store for everyone. Buy wildlife painting at Pisarto today!

    Wildlife Paintings - FAQs

    1. What types of colors are used in wildlife paintings?

    An American wildlife painter by the name Terry Isaac made color palette suggestions in his book Painting the Drama of Wildlife Step By Step. A few of the colors he recommended are titanium white, raw sienna, hookers green, ultramarine blue, burnt umber, yellow oxide, and Payne’s grey among others.

    Choosing colors for wildlife art is a complex process involving keen observation, the idea of presentation, and technique. The artist first observes the landscape and the animal in focus. He or she takes note of the color story - the light, brightness, reflections, saturation, and the like. While slowly establishing the light and texture in the scenery, the artist soaks in the atmosphere of the scenery, interprets his or her current state of emotions, and plans a way to represent the same in the wild animals painting.

    2. How do you paint wildlife?

    First and foremost, the artist at the scene takes a picture of the animal he or she is planning to paint. Next, what is important is to get maximum information at the scene in the sketchbook - after which it can be brought to life in the studio. While painting wildlife, it can be tempting to skip the sketching stage and move straight ahead to painting. However, getting the proportions of the sketches right is key. Sketches are refined constantly until reaching perfection. One of the most crucial elements of wild paintings is composition. Gradually, the lighting, color mixes, and contours gain focus in the painting process until completion.

    3. Where should you place wildlife paintings in your house?

    Wild animal art adds life and power to space, so the perfect place to hang wildlife paintings would be a spot that is a focal point for residents and guests. For a large space, pick wildlife oil paintings that depict a herd of animals; and a portrait of a single animal for comparatively smaller spaces.

    4. How do you identify a good wildlife painting?

    With more and more artists becoming ecologically conscious, wildlife conservation paintings have taken precedence in the recent past. However, plain paintings of wildlife and nature are still a preferred choice by art enthusiasts. That brings us to the question of how to identify a good wildlife painting. Wildlife paintings, in general, take a considerable amount of time, effort, and energy. There is no such thing as easy wildlife paintings. A good painting is one that speaks to you, that brings back a memory or evokes a certain emotion. The way to judge a painting is to go by how it makes you feel when you see it. The complexity of composition, the smart brush strokes, and realism should help you make the final call.

    5. Who are the famous artists who paint wildlife?

    Wildlife drawings and paintings have been a topic of interest for many artists. Here are a few of the most famous wildlife artists of the recent past:

    • Carl Brenders: Carl Brenders is a Belgian naturalist and artist who is popular for his detailed and life-like paintings of wildlife. He was named the 24th Master Artist at the Wisconsin Birds in Art exhibition held in 2002.
    • John Banovich: An American artist who is known for his dramatic portrayals of wildlife, John Banovich holds African species of many large animals such as elephants, lions, rhinos, and leopards dear to his heart.

    • Terry Isaac: Known for the realism in wildlife paintings, Terry Isaac is a Canadian artist who was named “Artist of the Year” in several art shows and wildlife expos.

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    Elephants in Motion
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    Tusk Tales
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    Elephants in the Wild
    Rs. 11,500
    Wolf and the Moon
    Rs. 12,500
    Royal Bengal Tiger
    Rs. 14,500
    Tiger in the Wild
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    Nature's Wonder
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