Paintings for Living Room - Amp up the ambience

The living room is a place that is the most active room of your house. Be it the family chilling together or guests visiting the house; the living room tends to leave a strong impression on onlookers. Hence, the ambience of the room has to be such that you feel warm and welcome when inside the room. While you can tweak aspects like furniture, room decor and colours to get the desired effect, paintings for living room also play a major role in defining the appeal of the room. 

Whether you are looking for beautiful Buddha paintings for living room or something more abstract, your choice in paintings set the first impression of your room. Hence, in this article, we shall take you through some interesting insights to help you pick the best paintings for your living room on Pisarto.

How to Choose Paintings for Living Room?

Now, there are no ground rules when it comes to picking living room artwork. The insights that are being shared here are meant to taken as suggestions to help you ease your search for some beautiful art for living room. On that note, have a look at some easy tips to keep in mind when you are making plans to buy living room painting online. 

Identifying the right position - A painting cannot go up on any wall. The appeal of a good painting lies in the place it is hung. In many cases, the focal point (the most eye-catching area of the room) is the ideal spot to hang paintings for living room. Doing so brings the attention of the viewer to the painting much faster. Also, the position of the painting helps enhance the room’s ambience. 

Visual objective of the painting - Is the painting in the living room meant to contrast the wall colours or complement them? By answering this question, you shall help set the mood of the room. For example, a stark black and white painting would be an ideal match for a room with predominately white colours. Or else, you could go for a red or bright orange painting. 

Picking Paintings by Size - Look at the interiors of your living room and picture the size of the painting you have in mind for the room. By visualising this aspect, you shall be able to drastically narrow your shopping list when it comes to shopping paintings for living room. 

Choose as per your personality - With so many art styles and options like beautiful canvas paintings and immersive landscape paintings, there is a painting available to match every distinct personality. So, let these paintings for living room act as a window to your thoughts or visualise the opinions you stand for. 

Buy Eye-catching Living Room Wall Art on Pisarto

Featuring numerous art categories, Pisarto is the go-to place for people looking to buy paintings online for living room or for any other room, for that matter. Ranging in sizes, shapes, and mediums, you shall come across some of the most eye-catching paintings for living room on the platform. Making the online shopping experience even sweeter are the easy payment options, efficient order tracking, and pan-India shipping provision. So, art lovers, sign up right away to get hold of some attractive paintings for living room.

Living Room Paintings - FAQ’s

1. What type of paintings should be in your living room?

Here is a list of living room painting designs that you can hang or place in your home - 

  • Sunset Paintings 
  • Sunset is the most beautiful sight on earth to look at. The paintings remind people about countless evenings where they gazed at the golden-hued colours of the sunsets. So, to immortalise the nostalgia, these living room paintings can be a suitable choice for your home. 

  • Ganesha Paintings
  • Besides serving as a wall decor item, Lord Ganesha paintings have a spiritual significance. They are believed to keep away negative energies and vibes away from your home. So, consider hanging or placing these living room paintings in a well-lit area of your living room. 

  • Village Paintings 
  • Villages make up a significant part of India and contribute to our vast culture and heritage. There is something special and nostalgic about village life that makes artists depict it on canvases. Many have an emotional connection to their native places and love hanging these living room paintings as memorabilia. 

    2. Why should you buy living room paintings from us?

    Pisarto is a Mumbai-based company that sells some of the best living room paintings online and ships everywhere in India. From lovely Ganesha artworks to captivating figurative images, you can find all your desired choices on Pisarto. So, log on to the website and buy paintings for the living room online!

    3. What are living room paintings?

    Living room paintings are the artworks that are placed or hanged in the main area of the home. The beauty of the paintings creates good and positive vibes in the room. The paintings can be placed or hanged anywhere in the living room. But in the case of religious paintings, you need to have basic Vastu knowledge on where to place it.

    4. How to choose wall art for my living room?

    There are no set of rules in choosing wall art, but here are some basic instructions that will help you in beautifying your living room.

  • Size 
  • While selecting wall art, you need to be particular about the sizing. Consider starting with larger pieces and then moving down to the smaller ones. There are basic sizing rules that will help you in decorating your home. For example, If you are planning to hang living room paintings above your sofa, consider not having the frame cover more than two-thirds of the wall. 

  • Colour
  • There are two ways for selecting the colour of your wall arts. First, you can add artworks to your living rooms that incorporate colours that already present your home. Second, you can choose bolder shades as an alternative to the existing colour palettes of your home. 

  • Themes
  • If your home is built around a particular theme or idea, then opting for wall arts based on it is well-recommended. For example, if you have specific living room painting ideas or pictures, it should not restrict to the palette. Instead, serve as a baseline to incorporate your ideas.

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