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    The Deep Resonance of Black and White Paintings

    Black and white paintings have been around ever since the medieval ages when the said artwork style was used in religious art. Back in the day, colour was seen as the ‘forbidden fruit’ as it was prevalent in the daily life of people. Whereas, religious art was meant for people to shift towards an otherworldly or spiritual zone. Hence, religious orders strongly enforced the practice of black and white painting as a form of aesthetic asceticism.

    With time, the use of black and white colours to recreate stone sculptures on canvas paintings also became quite popular in Europe. Similarly, the emergence of photography led to artists recreating the style of the said media. 

    Styles in Black and White Paintings

    Photorealism and abstract visuals have had an equal hold as styles in monochrome modern art paintings. Whether it is a painting of a certain scenery or figurative paintings of local subjects, the impact left by the diverse use of black and white colour shades is noteworthy. 

    One reason behind the phenomena mentioned before could be the visual shock it creates. In this day and age when artists have varied hues of colour to choose from, the absence of colour black and white wall art can come across as shocking and thought-provoking as well. Hence, many a time, these paintings are used to communicate aspects of the stark reality of modern life. 

    How to Enrich your Home Decor with Black and White Paintings?

    When in doubt about which colours to opt for when it comes to wall paintings, you could play safe with black and white artwork. To know how you could enrich your home decor with black and white paintings, here are some tips that you could consider. 

    • Keep the colours in your black and white wall art in proportion to the colour scheme of your room. For example, if the room has a black and white colour scheme with some red furnishing, opt for artwork in similar colour shades.
    • You could use a minimalistic black and white painting for your dining area. It can serve as a great focal point for the room. 
    • You could line up a collection of black and white paintings across the hallway to effectively fill up space. Whether you are a fan of black and white abstract art or ones featuring a landscape, communicate your thoughts with those who enter your abode. 

    Buy Black and White Paintings Online on Pisarto 

    You can find an interesting range of ideas, styles, and themes explored within the black and white painting collection on Pisarto. Featuring artworks from both Indian and international artists, the distinct visuals of each painting has an alluring appeal to them. 

    In terms of buying paintings online, Pisarto makes for a great platform. To begin with, the platform delivers paintings to all Indian pin codes. It offers free shipping for orders above Rs 7500. Most importantly, it houses a diverse range of paintings of varied styles. So, whether you are looking for landscape or abstract paintings online, you shall find your pick on Pisarto. 

    Black and White Paintings - FAQ’s

    1. How to make Black and White Paintings?

    Black and white paintings are simple and easy to make. So, follow these steps to create your own black and white paintings.

    1. Take a good amount of black and white paint on a colour palette. 
    2. Start by creating skies by mixing a small amount of black with white paint.
    3. Use a size 12 synthetic brush and apply a layered mixture of grey colour on the canvas to create the sky. 
    4. Make the corners darker using the black paint and show the depth of the skyline. 
    5. Use white paint to show clouds on top of the sky. 
    6. Now mix a small amount of black paint with white and start panting the river.
    7. Use black shades to make the silhouettes of trees and highlight them with white paints.
    8. For proper alignment, use a paint knife and create borders on the paintings. 
    9. For depicting dark grass, use a fan brush and spread it across a black ground surface. Proceed to highlight the section white paint. 
    10. Finally, use a thin brush to finish minute details on your black and white paintings. 

    2. Why should you buy Black and White Paintings from us?

    On Pisarto, you can find a wide range of black and white paintings that can beautify your home. From abstract black and white wall paintings to those with religious images, you can find various artworks from Indian and international artists. 

    Pisarto is a Mumbai-based company who sells black and white paintings and delivers directly to your doorstep. We promise to deliver anywhere and everywhere in India. So, whether you are picking black and white paintings for the living room or the hallway, you shall find your pick on Pisarto.

    3. Who are some of the most famous black and white paintings artists?

    Here is a list of famous Indian artists who have created some of the best black and white paintings in India.

    • Ananda Das is known for depicting the beautiful city of Kolkata, its streets, rickshaw pullers, hawkers, and more in her paintings. The artist experimented with numerous colours and mediums but settled with the minimalism of black and white paints. His black and white painting of Banaras Ghat is still the conversation starter for many. 
  • Archana Tanna is known for pouring down her memories, feelings, and dreams, on a canvas to create abstract art. Her black and white abstract paintings emphasise more on different shades, shapes, and textures. She is known for creating different geometric shapes that distinguish her work from others.

  • Umakant Kanade is a renowned artist known for capturing the beauty and intricacies of mother nature. He is known as an “artist with magical ink” who creates mesmerising landscapes paintings. His noteworthy works include paintings of flowers, trees, and everything related to nature.

  • Tamar Chatterjee comes from a multicultural environment that bestowed independent and liberal thinking upon him. He is known for painting black and white cityscape paintings that revolve around his thoughts and reflections, and personal life experiences.

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