Multi-Color Paintings - FAQs

1. What does a multi-color painting mean?

Multi-color paintings refer to an artwork consisting of a multitude of colors. In multi-color paintings, artists prefer going out of the box and including multiple color to talk about the subject in their paintings. Many multi-color paintings are made to make the subject look colorful. In contrast, some others show different emotions, such as blue for sadness, white for freshness, black for sophistication, and so on. 

For example, artist Anuj Malhotra’s “Buddha 5” painting beautifully depicts the calmness and serenity of Gautam Buddha. This painting includes rich colors, including red, blue, green, blue, purple, yellow, black, etc. and metaphorically talks about the values Buddha stands for. The artist’s minimalistic approach is a highlight in this multi-colored painting.

2. How do you paint a multi-color painting?

As a beginner, you need to know what type of paintings you want to create on a piece of canvas. Here are the simple steps that you could follow to paint multi-color paintings with acrylic paints:

  1. Decide what subject you want to paint on the piece of canvas. You can use a live model or a photograph for reference. For example, let us use a portrait photograph of an elephant to draw our multi-color art. 
  2. Start painting the outline of your multi-color painting with a dark color, such as black, navy blue, or green. As a beginner, make sure that you use a 2.0 hair length size brush to make the outlines. Softly press the brush on your canvas and glide it to make a light outline.
  3. Identify which colors you are going to be using to paint your first artwork. Usually start with the primary colors, such as blue, yellow, orange, green, red, and then move on to more complex ones. 
  4. Start using light colors, such as yellow or orange, to paint the outer edges of the head, trunk, and legs of the elephant. 
  5. Use your color palette and identify which dark shade would blend with light colors. 
  6. Choose darker shades, such as red, purple, green to paint the inside edges of your multi-color paintings. 
  7. Now use the paintbrush to blend the two colors carefully.
  8. Finally, use the color that you used for outline in adding soft shadows and details to the subject. 
  9. Then let the multi-colored painting dry at room temperature and varnish it for making it last longer.  
3. Which place is best for multi-color painting?

You can hang and place multi-color paintings wherever you want. However, it entirely depends on the subject of the painting that makes it essential for us to place or hang them in the right place. Here are certain things the Vaastu Shastra tells us about hanging multi-color painting for home and office space:

  • If your multi-color paintings include water as the main element, then it is important to hang it on the northern wall of your home.
  • Muti-colored paintings with fruits bring chi energy into the atmosphere, so it is essential to place or hang them in your dining room.
  • Multi-color wall paintings of birds can be hung or placed in a living room in front of the main door. The paintings are believed to bring harmony and spread positive in the home.
4. Which types of colors are used in multi-color paintings?

Throughout the history of paintings, artists have used similar color schemes for depicting their imagination on a piece of canvas. From red, yellow, blue, yellow, green, and more, these rich colors have been one of the essential parts of multi-color paintings for a long time.

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