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    Round Aesthetic Tiger Print Coaster - Set of 6
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    Set of 4 Square Blue & White Ikat Print Metal Coaster
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    Set of 6 Round Classic Black Print Metal Coaster
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    Set of 6 Vibrant Parakeet Print Metal Coaster
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    Back To Earth' Earthen Coasters with Warli Art - Set of 4 (4x4x0.5")
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    Multicolour Leaf Pattern Coasters - Set of 4 (4.2x4.2x0.3")
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    Coaster Round Wooden Handcrafted with Madhubani Art - Set of 4 (4x4")
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    Coaster Round Wooden Handcrafted with Tribal Art - Set of 4 (4x4")
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    Coaster Sq Mangowood Handcrafted with Madhubani Art - Set of 4 (4x4")
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    Coaster Mangowood Handcrafted with Madhubani Art (Set of 4) (4x4")
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    Coaster Wooden Handcrafted with Tribal Art (Set of 4) (4x4")
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    Coaster Wooden Handcrafted with Flower Motifs - Set of 3 (5x5")
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    Leaf Pattern Trivets - Set of 2 (8x8x0.2")
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    Coaster Wooden Handcrafted Fish Small with Tribal Art - Set of 2 (5x4")
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    Coaster Wooden Handcrafted Fish Shape with Tribal Art - Set of 2 (6.6x6.6")
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    Coaster Wooden Handcrafted with Flower Motif - Set of 2 (6.5x6")
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    Leaf Patterns Trivets - Set of 2 (6x6x0.2")
    Ships In 2-4 days
    Coaster Wooden Handcrafted with Tribal Art - Set of 2 (6x6")
    Ships In 2-4 days
    Coaster Wooden Handcrafted with Flower Art - Set of 2 (4.5x3.5")
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    Coasters and Trivets: Revamp Your Tabletop with Modish Décor

    Coasters and Trivets are essential kitchen accessories that protect the surfaces of tepoys and dining tables from direct heat. However, these may not spring to one’s mind with thinking of furniture decor. .  Coasters and Trivets are little yet powerful products and are truly a necessary part of any fashionable and useful living environment. Coasters are small, flat objects typically made of materials like wood, cork, metal, or stone. T tabletops or counters from the damaging effects of moisture, heat, or condensation. On the other hand, trivets are typically larger and more robust than coasters, as they need to provide a stable and heat-resistant surface to rest hot vessels or serveware. Both coasters and trivets are practical accessories that help protect furniture and surfaces from damage. These items will also add a touch of style and personalisation to your living space.Read More

    Style with Pisarto’s wide range of artistic coasters and trivets that will greatly impact your home decor and dining experience.

    Types of Coasters and Trivets That Pisarto Has to Offer:

    • Wooden coasters and trivets:

    Our vibrantly coloured wooden coaster set will brighten any desk or table in the office, living room, dining table, kitchen decor, or accessories. These stylish wood accents offer the perfect way to bring natural grain texture to your look with a functional edge. They offer both functional and aesthetic benefits while adding a natural and rustic appearance, which can add warmth and charm to any decor. So, the next time you shop for coasters and trivets, be sure to check out Pisarto's incredible selection of wooden coasters, which are ideal for any home.

    • Printed coasters and trivets:

    Add a trendy touch to your table with Pisarto’s stylish printed coasters and trivets set that will add a pop of colour to your space. Printed coasters are customized or designed with specific images, patterns, or text. They are typically made from cork, cardboard, or absorbent paperboard and protect surfaces from beverage condensation or heat. If you are into patterns and unique designs, our printed coasters and trivets set would be the ideal fit.

    • Metal coasters and trivets:

    Upgrade your drinking game with Pisarto’s stunning metal coasters and trivets collection. They are typically made from stainless steel, aluminium, brass, iron, or copper, which provide durability and a sleek, modern look. These coaster sets are also ideal as gifts for any family event, housewarming pooja, or festive occasion. Our metal coasters and trivets come in a variety of styles and patterns and offer both functional and decorative advantages, making them a useful addition to any dining area or house.

    • Cement coasters and trivets:

    Add luxury to your everyday life with Pisarto’s cement coasters and trivets. Cement coasters are practical and stylish accessories that protect your surfaces from heat, moisture, and scratches. They are typically made by pouring cement into a mould and allowing it to cure and harden. Choose from a range of cement coasters and trivets set online at Pisarto to help you live your boho dream.

    Why should I invest in a coaster and trivet set?

    Coasters and Trivets are not only functional but also add to the table decor. No wonder they are called table essentials! They should be an integral part of your tableware collection. 

    Here are a few reasons why every home should have a coaster or trivet set:

    • Protection for furniture:

    Directly setting hot dishes, cups, or glasses on wood or other delicate surfaces can leave heat stains or water rings. Coasters and trivets act as a barrier to stop this kind of deterioration and maintain the quality of your furniture.

    • Decorative accents:

    Coaster and trivet sets serve a dual purpose. They not only shield your furniture from moist and hot meals but also improve the aesthetics of your house. A high-quality table coaster set can improve the appearance of your home as a whole.

    • Durability:

    Coasters and trivets are made of heat, stain, and scratch-resistant materials like metal, wood, cork, or other durable materials. Purchasing a well-made set guarantees that it will withstand regular use and endure for a long time.

    • Gift option:

    Sets of coasters and trivets are excellent presents for a variety of events, including weddings, birthdays, and housewarming events. People with various tastes and preferences might appreciate them since they are useful and adaptable. Purchasing a set gives you the freedom to present them as gifts at different times.

    How can a coaster and trivet set enhance the aesthetics of your home?

    • Accentuating Table Settings

    An elegant trivet and coaster set for the dining table can enhance your table settings while hosting guests or setting up a chic dining experience. Use elaborately designed or elegantly patterned coasters to showcase your favourite glassware or add a splash of colour to a neutral table. To make a presentation that is unified and pleasing to the eye, arrange coordinated trivets beneath serving plates.

    • Wall art:

    Hanging coasters on the wall will enhance the look and ambience of your home. Along with displaying your collection of coasters, it will also highlight your artistic abilities. Coasters with unique prints or those made by hand will look beautiful on your wall and will be a creative eye-catcher.

    • Using wooden coasters:

    The elegant introduction of wooden coasters comes with a wide range of furniture decoration options, thereby adding a rustic and natural touch to your home decor. The best coasters for adding visual interest to your dining table are those made of mango wood, Sheesham wood, or teak wood. For an attractive appearance, wooden coasters for dining tables are sometimes left unfinished or polished. These lovely coasters are eco-friendly.

    Get yourself an aesthetic coaster and trivet set from Pisarto.

    From cup coasters, tea cup coasters, and coffee table coasters to trivets for the dining table, we have a wide range of coaster and trivet sets exclusively for you, handcrafted by our skilled artisans. Add a pop of colour to your living space with Pisarto’s coaster, and trivet set, suiting your personal taste and useful for your home and tables, adding a touch of splendour and elegance.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What are coasters and why are they used?

    Coasters are table essentials to protect your furniture from spill stains. While they are designed for dining, we have appealing designs that serve form and function. Our collection features paper, cork, or plastic materials.

    Are your coaster sets designed to be reusable?

    Pisarto is home to a range of reusable, easy to clean, and durable coasters. Some of the materials featured here include:

    • Ceramic Coasters: These offer an aesthetic appeal and protect surfaces from heat and moisture.

    • Wooden Coaster Set: This stunning pack simply enhance the aesthetics of a modern home. These can be cleaned with a soft wipe with a damp cloth.
      Marble Coasters: These are exceptionally sturdy and can instantly add appeal to your dining area.

    Are coasters only used for hot beverages, or can they be used for cold drinks as well?

    No, coasters are not only designed for hot beverages. They can also be used for cold drinks. You can shop for a variety of table coasters from Pisarto to protect your surfaces from all kinds of fluid spills.

    How do I choose the right coasters for my home decor?

    You can consider the following tips while choosing the right set of coasters for home decor:

    • Material: You can select from materials like wood, ceramic, or MDF coasters so that they are durable and stubborn for use.

    • Design: Select coasters that compliment your decor. The colours and designs of such table decor can help harmonise your spaces, further enhancing and elevating them.

    • Size: Depending upon the occasion, you can select coasters set to meet your requirements.

    • Maintenance: It is essential to consider the ease of use as some coasters may require care to last long-term use.

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