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    Fine Dining with Serviette

    There is a famous Indian saying, which goes like this – the road to one's heart is through the stomach. 

    Sharing a meal with your family, friends, partner, or even just yourself is an intimate experience. And for any experience to be complete, you need all the elements. In this case, it is delicious food and spectacular tableware. While that is an aspect many of us overlook while planning home decor, its absence is surely felt. With the right serviette, you can elevate your decor and add a level of elegance to your home life experience. Read More

    If you notice that functional yet fancy tableware is missing from your table, Pisarto has the perfect range of serviettes you can shop from!

    S for Serviettes, S for Sophistication

    With Pisarto's latest collection of serviettes, you will definitely add some flair to your lunches and dinners. Needless to mention, the combined aesthetic appeal and practicality of these accessories make them a must-have for any household.
    Let us take you through the two Pisarto categories you can shop from:

    • Colour: The colours incorporated in your serviette cloth deserve careful consideration as you need to choose the right shades for a coordinated interior design look. You can either go for bold shades or pick up underlying hues in the room, complementing them with the kitchen serviettes. Pisarto offers a variety of colours – pink, black, maroon, blue, and more – set into a base of beige. These microfibre serviettes are available with coaster sets that have beautifully contrasting shades, which go together seamlessly.
    • Design: The design element is another one that is necessary to consider and Pisarto's range surely does not disappoint. Embellished with intricate and stunning patterns of kalamkari designs, block prints, ethnic motifs, and florals, these cotton serviettes will add a touch of life to your room. This collection features reversible placemats along with mats, coasters, and serviettes that you can use to elevate your dining experience.

    Use Serviettes Right

    While table serviettes are not at all difficult to use, many find it pretty confusing. Here are some ways you can make the best use of your linen serviettes:

    • If you are using table linen for decoration, you can go for different easy variations like the candle fold, rose fold, or cone fold.
    • When you sit down to have a meal, always pick up your napkin and serviette first and gently lay it down on your lap.
    • Never use a serviette to wipe your face or clean silverware as it goes against the fine dining etiquette.
    • At the end of a meal, pick up your serviette and place it beside your plate with a side fold to indicate you are done eating.

    Shop for Serviettes Online on Pisarto

    Pisarto is one of the biggest home decor and lifestyle brands in India, offering its customers only the most artistically intricate products. Known for featuring beautiful paintings, serviettes, trinket trays, and so much more, you can find it all on Pisarto at affordable prices. The materials used are also high in quality, ensuring you get as much use out of them as possible. With quick delivery and excellent customer services, you are bound to have a great experience. Wait no more and start shopping right away!

    Serviette - FAQs

    What is a serviette?

    A serviette is typically a square piece of cloth or paper used at a meal to clean up any spillage and protect your clothes. The term serviette is popularly used in the countries like the UK, Ireland, Canada, etc., and is now being used in India as well.

    If you are looking for exclusive serviettes online, Pisarto is an incredible platform where you can explore several interesting options. Here, you can shop for serviettes in premium hues and fabrics that can be used as decorative accessories at luncheons, tea or dinner parties.

    Is a serviette larger than a dinner napkin?

    A dinner napkin is usually larger than a regular serviette. Basically, napkin and serviettes are the two terms used interchangeably to refer to a square piece of cloth or paper used to wipe hands and protect your attire.

    You can explore Pisarto for a deluxe range of serviettes that feature luxurious hues and can be aptly used as dinner napkins.

    How to decorate serviettes?

    Decorating with fancy serviettes is an essential part of the table setting. If done neatly, they can accentuate the look of your dinner table and add more charm to the decor.

    You can decorate table serviettes in numerous ways including folding them to look like a flower, a heart, or any other attractive shape. If you are looking for hassle-free solutions, you can shop on Pisarto for beautiful serviettes that would look attractive even if they are simply placed on the dinner table.

    On Pisarto, you will also find several tribal wrought iron candle holders that can be aesthetically used to decorate cotton or paper serviettes.

    Where to buy unique serviette?

    You can buy unique, fancy cotton serviettes on Pisarto which is an incredible platform offering splendid decorative items and solutions. On Pisarto, you can shop for beautiful sets that include Kalamkari block-printed reversible placemats with dainty tassels, pretty Kalamkari coasters, and cotton serviettes, available in gorgeous hues.

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