Decorative Mask


    Decorative Masks: A Modern Take On Tribal Home Decor

    Wall art is an essential component of any home decor. They add an aesthetic feel to your wall and the overall room. Normally, people prefer wall hangings, paintings, decorative frames or photo frames. They are a safe bet that will never let you down. However, if you are more on the experimental side and would like to have a unique element in your house, you can explore wall masks. To understand how you can style mask wall decor in your house and to know more about our collection, continue reading. Read More

    What Are Decorative Masks?

    Simply put - face wall masks or decorative masks are art pieces crafted of wood or clay resembling the faces of humans or animals. Additionally, they come in patterns that resemble Indian gods. Face wall hangings are designed in a tribal abstract style, which gives them an absolutely unique look. The dull and dark colours give them a rustic look that adds a mysterious charm to these tribal face wall hanging.

    How To Style Decorative Masks At Home

    If you want to experiment with tribal masks for your home, here are some tips on how you can do it like a pro.

    • The Contrasting Style: If you have plain walls, primarily white or light-coloured walls, you must buy wooden masks that are vibrant and colourful with a definitive structure. Geometric and abstract-shaped decorative masks or mask decoration sets can be the perfect pick.
    • The Monotonic Style: If the room you are planning to put the tribal face mask on has other elements that add to the structure, you must opt for a simple decorative mask that matches the hues of the wall. This will help tone things down and make the Indian tribal mask on the wall look like a part of the wall itself.
    • The Minimalistic Style: If your walls have textures, you must buy minimal decorative masks. They will balance out each other perfectly and help you give the room a fancy makeover. Mask online shopping for such ravishing decorative masks is the best done at Pisarto.

    Pisarto’s Stunning Collection of Decorative Masks

    Our range of wall decor items showcases some modern and ultra-stylish decorative masks. Listed below are some of the most popular picks for decorative masks.

    • Wooden Masks: You can get sleek wooden masks in many different styles, sizes and designs. We offer colourful as well as monotoned decorative masks. These are usually lightweight and durable.
    • Clay Masks: A little on the delicate side, clay masks are heavier home decor items that come in gorgeous colours with intricate detailing. You can buy such masks online in India on Pisarto.
    • Layered Masks: These decorative masks have additional layers to give them a more structured and unique look. They are long with intricate hand-painted designs on them.

    Buy Unique Wall Masks Online On Pisarto

    Having your home walls decorated with Pisarto decorative masks can change the whole look of your house. We feature some of the best decorative Masks designs. All our products are hand-painted, long-lasting and affordable. Buying masks online on Pisarto is simple given the user-friendly website we host. So dive right into our collection and buy masks online on Pisarto today!

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