Abstract Paintings

Alluring Abstract Paintings 

Abstract art paintings employ the visual language of shape, form, color as well as line to create compositions that may or may not exist independent of references to the real world. The creation of the idea, when such paintings are looked at, takes place in the mind of the viewer which is what makes them so intriguing. In more ways than one, abstract paintings make you think outside the box and could even bring unaddressed emotions to the surface. The powerful effect these paintings have on the beholder is the reason they are extremely well received.

Abstraction in art has existed since early times in many cultures around the globe. For instance, art in early civilizations, whether on pottery, textiles, inscriptions or paintings on rocks used rudimentary, geometric or even linear forms which either had a symbolic or decorative purpose. Its appeal lies in the fact that the viewer can find their own meaning as the art itself goes beyond having an obvious meaning. Through the challenge of personal interpretation, abstract paintings nudge the mind into opening up and considering new perspectives that were previously beyond its reach. On Pisarto, you can now buy abstract paintings and have the pleasure of them adorning the walls of your home or office.

All About Abstract Art

If you are new to this very popular form of art, these fun facts will surely help you learn more.


Abstract art can be found both in paintings as well as sculpture. However, some works of art which are partly abstract and partly representational also exist. Purely abstract art can be said to be a twentieth-century invention. It can trace its roots back to early forms of modern art. But other than that, it is probably the only movement of its kind that is authentically modern.

Early Times

Kazimir Malevich is credited for achieving complete abstraction in his paintings when he presented an entirely black square as part of his collection in 1913. He was a part of the Suprematist, an art movement based on simple geometric shapes. Art paintings that are based on geometry are what is referred to as ‘geometric abstraction’.

The Effect on the Human Brain

Neuroaesthetics is an emerging discipline that was founded just over a decade ago in order to bring scientific objectivity to the study of art. When it comes to abstract paintings, many studies theorised about the manipulation of objects depicted in painting and its effect on our brains. It was found that our minds are constantly aware of the specific arrangement of such pieces within abstract paintings and so can sense the artist’s intention behind it. This simply means that even when we do not perceive the painting to be saying something, we subconsciously are.

In Your Home or Workplace

When you invest in abstract paintings for your home or office, you will treasure them for years to come. They bring fresh energy and dynamism to any space. You can also use them to give your mind a pause during your busy day. Abstract paintings that are dramatic and make a statement are best used in common areas to be conversation starters and are sure to leave an impression on guests.

Abstract Paintings Online

Your search for abstract paintings of love, dance, freedom or any other theme ends with Pisarto. We have an exhaustive collection of paintings that will do justice to your creative preferences. So, take time to browse through our gallery and order the pieces that catch your eye and capture your heart!


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Abstract Paintings Online with price

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Threads of Life
Rs. 3,999
Seamless Story
Rs. 3,999
Spirit of Life
Rs. 11,458
Abstract Color Chaos
Rs. 5,999
Rs. 8,400
The Light Within
Rs. 8,400
Prayer Flags 1
Rs. 12,600
Dreams 2
Rs. 28,000
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