Metal Wall Art


    Metal Wall Art: A Must-Have All-In-One Décor

    If you are seeking the perfect décor for your spaces, metal wall art is worth checking out. A good combination of durable and aesthetic, metal wall art hangings is something you should consider for your interiors if you are not afraid to make a bold impression. Read on to find out what types of metal wall arts are there and how do you install one. Read More

    Metal wall art: Types and variations

    Before you decide to buy metal wall art, make sure that you are aware about its different types and variations. You should investigate the most popular ones listed here.

    1. Antique Pieces: These options are mostly liked by everyone. You can either choose to buy modern metal wall art resembling mythical figures or you can go with more cultural options.
    2. Animals and Tribes: This serves as a great option in metal wall art for living rooms. More often than not, you may find animal portrayals as metal wall art. Similarly, a tribal portrayal of things is also a modern-day approach to culturally rich wall décor and home decor.
    3. Keyholders and Clocks: If you have a more utilitarian taste in things, keyholders and clocks will make for a brilliant piece of metal wall art décor for the living room. Similarly, railway clocks would serve both the purpose of function as well as aesthetics, while keyholders are quite useful for any space.
    4. Jaali Murals: Rightly held as the most appropriate addition under bedroom metal wall art, jaali murals should be your thing if you have an industrial taste in design. These are intricately carved to perfection, portraying a variety of abstract stories. Jaali murals are the best additions for your bedroom walls, especially if you are looking for something unique..

    How to Install Metal Wall Art?

    Now that you know what suits your taste, let us understand the process of installing metal wall art. How does one approach it in a simple manner? Let us find out!

    1. Right off the bat, you'll require a sturdy hanger. Make sure this is at the top of your checklist. 
    2. Studs are pivotal elements to fit in your wall frame. You would want to purchase a good stud as it will help prevent any abrasions on the drywall itself. 
    3. Determine the hanger’s placement and mark where you want to install your metal wall art. To do this seamlessly, make sure you take accurate measurements from the hook that will hang the art to the total length of the artwork itself. 
    4. Secure the hanger on the stud and make sure you have screwed it properly. Too snug, and it may fall off; too tight, and it may cause abrasions. 
    5. Hang your metal wall art and check for symmetry. Make sure the piece is properly hung on the wall.

    Where Can You Get the Best Metal Wall Art? 

    Now that everything is crystal clear, all you need is a one-stop shop where you can buy metal wall art online in India. Pisarto is the only place you need to explore to get the best pieces for your space.

    In India, metal wall art can be a make-or-break proposition if you are not ordering from well-trusted sources. Thankfully, Pisarto is here for you. The wall-hanging pieces you’ll see here are crafted to perfection. The masks are a thing of beauty that is meant to be admired. And the vintage keyholders are not only crafted to meet your artistic standards, but also functional demands.

    At Pisarto, we also guarantee safety on delivery. Rest assured that your metal wall art is going to be delivered to you in good condition. Pisarto ensures the highest quality when it comes to not only creating products but also delivering them through safe transits. So what else are you waiting for? Sign up right now!


    What is Metal Wall Art?

    If you are fond of modern art décor, metal wall décor is a definite must-have. Contemporary metal artwork offers a chicer touch as it takes inspiration from traditional paintings and wall hangings. It elevates the interior with its durability and bold aesthetic, crafted to perfection as wall-hanging pieces.

    Do the Colours of Metal Wall Art Last Long?

    Purchasing a metal wall art décor is not just an elevation of your personal space’s aesthetic but is quite easy to manage and very durable as well. All a metal wall hanging requires from you is the occasional dusting. To do this, a dry, soft cloth works best and will help avoid any discolouration due to corrosion or rusting.

    How to Decorate with Metal Wall Art?

    A metal art décor adds elegance to the room, so the best way to decorate it in your space is to give it an attractive focal point. An abstract metal wall art creates a stylish and sophisticated space, so the best way to let it shine is not to overcrowd the wall with other forms of décor. Placing the modern metal wall art on a neutral-coloured wall works best.

    Where to Buy Metal Wall Art?

    Pisarto is your one and only online destination in India when it comes to metal wall art for living rooms and your other personal spaces. Our metal wall art is crafted with beauty and perfection in mind to deliver a piece that will elevate your personal space and make it feel more like home. Shop at Pisarto now and enjoy our safe deliveries.

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