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Eye-Catching Modern Art Paintings

Modern art paintings belong to artistic work that was produced during the period roughly between the 1860’s and the 1970's along with the philosophy of the art that was also created during that time. This time period is considered as being very unique as opposed to the eras before it. The hallmark of modern art paintings is that the artists set aside the traditions of the past in favour of a spirit of experimentation. These brave painters were pioneers as they were eager to discover new ways of treating materials, paints, and ideas in order to have a perspective that was entirely their own. 

It was with the dawn of modern art paintings that many obscure names came to the fore because of the sheer might of their talent. The boundaries of what was considered art were pushed, broken and redefined. Contemporary and postmodern art owes a lot to this era when revolutionary choices in art, paved the way for the present times. It is proof that if the old ways are not deviated from, nothing new can find expression. Keeping that spirit alive, you can now conveniently shop for innovative modern art paintings online on Pisarto, so keep reading to be better informed about the genre.

Facts about Modern Art Paintings

Here are some of the interesting aspects of modern art that will give you added insight.

  1. It was impressionism that started the era of modern art paintings on canvas. These works took away the pressures of fine finishes and realistic renderings from the shoulders of the artists, as opposed to academic art. Instead, they convey expressions with the use of light and movement as well as rich, bright colours
  2. The word ‘impressionism’ emerged as a label of this style by the beginning of 1872. It was derived from the title of one of Claude Monet’s work titled, Impression, Soleil Levant or Sunrise – Impression. After this, in the 1880’s, came the Les Nabis group of artists who attempted to take a flight away from reality through their works. 
  3. Following this came many movements of modern art such as symbolism, post-impressionism, art nouveau, futurism, fauvism, cubism, expressionism, suprematism, dada, bauhaus, surrealism and abstract expressionism. They originated from various countries including France, Italy, America, Russian, Germany, and Britain and spanned the world in their influence as well as impact.
  4. The Indian modern art movement is said to have its roots in Calcutta, at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Indian modern art paintings by Raja Ravi Varma, such as Shakuntala, draw on many of the Western traditions and techniques. In the post-colonial, the Progressive Artists’ Group was established with a view to bringing new ways of expression to light. 
  5. Some of the excellent religious pieces such as Ganesha modern art paintings as well as Buddha modern art paintings are highly favoured in present times, for both homes and offices. They are interpretive in nature aided by the creative vision of the artist. Animal modern art paintings are also another favourite category where unique pieces can be found that use texture, light, and colours to bring magnificent beasts to life.

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