Mixed Media Paintings

Mixed Media Paintings FAQs

What does mixed media mean?

Mixed media paintings are artworks, where the artist combines several different painting styles and methods within a single frame. Most modern paintings are created with mixed media to provide a stronger visual impact on a single artwork. This means that the artists have the freedom to draw with ink, paint over them with watercolours, and then add highlights by using some colour pencils. For making mixed media paintings, the artist does not require any drawing or fine art skills, but a creative mind to mix different forms of media. It is a conglomeration of various methods of making artwork, which are mingled together to create the final product.

What do you use for mixed media art?

An artist can use anything they wish to form their mixed media. From watercolours to crayons and oil pastels to acrylics, almost anything can be used to create mixed media paintings. In addition to that, items such as soil, fabric, photographs, newspaper, pages from magazines, and more, can be used for the purpose. However, the artist needs to ensure that their base or foundation layer is stable and strong enough to accept the other forms of media without bending or buckling.

What is the purpose of mixed media art?

Through mixed media paintings, artists have the opportunity to come out of the conventional use of one medium to create their artwork. Breaking free from traditional norms, mixed media art provides artists with the opportunity to create much more diverse and creative artworks. 

Various well-known artists have created famous paintings with mixed media that represent the breaking of boundaries to create versatile media by approaching different interesting viewpoints. 

What is an example of mixed media?

Right from the beginning of the 20th century until now, the possibilities in mixed media paintings continue to expand in different directions. Some famous examples of mixed media paintings in the past are  - 

  • Still Life with Chair Caning: This 1912 Pablo Picasso artwork uses his famous Cubist pictorial style to create an eye-catching abstract piece. The painting features a cut lemon, a knife, a napkin and a newspaper along with various objects. The objects seen in this elliptically shaped artwork were created using cloth and paper. The experimentative artist created various pieces in similar styles through his art career. 
  • Textured Photo Collage by Njideka Akunyili Crosby - This series features the use of photos, paint, coloured pencils and charcoals along with textiles. The strong textures and the contrasts make for an evocative design that has garnered immense praise. 
  • Found Fashion Collage by Martha Haversham - Her paintings are an example of a minimalist side of a collage. Taking a cue from her experiments in fashion, the paintings would be crafted using found objects in everyday life.  
  • Photo-ink Collages by Nikki Farquharson - The U.K-based artist is known for her use of bold colours as well as print-like designs. The distinct combination of the two are what makes her inked collage artworks stand out. The use of photography and clean line-art are the prominent highlights of her artwork. Her works are gaining immense popularity due to her unique, bling style that instantly catches the eye of both young and old art enthusiasts.

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