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Paintings by Price at Pisarto

Great works of art usually arrive at exorbitant prices. This is due to the fact that there are buyers for every niche who look for specific details that might be rare or requiring exquisite artistic skills. Added to that is the many intermediaries in the art sales business. But provides classic portraits at astonishingly discounted rates, especially with the launch offer of 30% off. To check this out for yourself, you just have to look into this website. Here you can find a wide range of pictures that deal with various subjects and are typically designed to suit different room styles. The market price of the works is given along with the discounted rate. Just as the proceedings with online sales, the site is able to give these discounts as it deals directly with the artists. In fact, that is the very motive of Pisarto. Without middlemen, you get the art delivered right to your doorstep. The price range starts from 5000 and culminates at 50,000 and above.

The set of works that are priced the lowest is Wall Art. There are seven images at present in this group, each following a different size, shape and color pattern. Square, rectangle, vertical and horizontal ones available. The retail price of these is Rs. 7161 per piece. You need to pay only Rs. 5013 as there is a discount of Rs. 2148. This set is followed by a series of Marketplace pictures with a market price of Rs. 7207 and a discounted price of Rs. 5045. These are of horizontal orientation and small in size with all of them being rectangular.

As far as the most expensive picture is concerned, there is the Saraswati painting, priced at Rs. 87,688 market value. You can avail it for just Rs. 61,381 after a reduction of Rs. 15,499. This is a canvas work in pen color, vertically oriented. It comes in the extra large size. This is a must buy for all who are pious and religious as it portrays the deity of Saraswati with the peacock and the lotus flower in full bloom. You can zoom in on the thumbnail and check out the minute details in the sketch to analyze the perfection in the artistitry. Another painting called 3 Ballerinas is the next costliest one with a market price of Rs. 68,884 and discounted value of Rs. 48,219. This image is also extra large. It is a horizontal image showing the three dancing ladies with their flashily colored dresses. Next in price is a pic called Fishes which is provided at Rs. 36,164, followed by the painting called Coconut Palm Beside Seashore which is available at Rs. 21,811.

To conclude, if pricing is your main concern in ordering your painting, has just what you require. With a broad list of art at various price ranges, there is enough for any prospective customer. Therefore, check in to the site when you need a great painting to adorn your rooms in any setting, compare the prices, look into the details, add to your cart and make the purchase. You will definitely be satisfied with your decision.