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Charcoal paintings have been part of art history since the palaeolithic age. Throughout western art history, artists used charcoal for sketching or making paintings during elementary studies. But in modern times, charcoal has become popular among painters for its versatility. Also, they now have the freedom of experimenting with different textures, shades, and tones of paintings.

Charcoal artworks are known for their soft drawing edges that tend to favour broad, vigorous draftsmanship and lay emphasis on the mass and movement of the subject. This lets artists create smooth and easy charcoal sketches that can be easily corrected without being vulnerable to smudges. 

Techniques Used in Creating Charcoal Paintings

For centuries, charcoal paintings were made by artists as surrealistic pieces of art that majorly depicted humanoid figures, gods and goddesses, and mother nature. Here are a few prominent techniques that artists use to create charcoal paintings: 

  • Hatching - This charcoal painting technique is used to create thin and dark lines that are placed parallel to each other for smoother and darker shades. This technique is mostly seen in calligraphy paintings.
  • Rubbing -  In this method, charcoal is rubbed against a surface to create a textured effect. This technique is used in creating black and white paintings with humans, cityscape, and deities as the main subject. 
  • Blending - With this charcoal painting technique, artists create shadow effects that help them in making smooth transitions between light and dark areas of their artworks. The method is mostly used in still life paintings of vases and flower pots.
  • Lifting / Erasing - This technique is performed with malleable rubber erasers for cleaning smaller areas of charcoal paintings. This technique mostly helps artists in creating charcoal sketch portraits. 

    Interior Decor Ideas for Your Favourite Charcoal Paintings 

    Use the following tips for boosting your interior decor with statement charcoal paintings.

  • Using a Picture Ledge
  • For displaying your collection of charcoal paintings, you can use a picture ledge that showcases your favourite style of art. You can use these ledges to fill the blank spaces of your wall with something staple and arty. For example, you can club your favourite charcoal paintings together and place them on a ledge that matches the colour of the frames. 

  • Dangling Frames
  • Your favourite charcoal paintings can be hung at different heights on a narrow wall with dangling frames. The uneven length of your favourite paintings will make your walls look more eye-catching. You can consider a cityscape charcoal painting to add more life to your walls. 

  • Curtained Backdrop
  • You can hang a charcoal painting over a white curtain backdrop for creating a minimalistic look. A nature painting will be a perfect choice if you hang it over a curtain drop -- this will lend an aesthetic look to your room.

    Buy Charcoal Paintings From Pisarto 

    Shop for a variety of charcoal paintings from talented artists on Pisarto and make your home come alive. Whichever painting you choose, Pisarto offers quality artworks that are delivered to your doorstep in no time. So, choose Pisarto and make your home an art destination. 

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    Rs. 16,700
    Portrait Girl
    Rs. 16,700
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    The Plan
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