Small Paintings


    Small Paintings FAQs

    How do you display small paintings?

    Consider the following tips to decorate your homes with small paintings: 
    • On Bookshelves:
    You can redecorate your bookshelves by displaying small paintings alongside your favourite books. The small size of the artworks makes them fit perfectly in the shelves and serve as a unique way of visually breaking up your rows. 
    • In Intimate Space:
    Unlike big paintings, small art pieces look great in small intimate spaces. Due to their size, small paintings should be thoughtfully displayed where viewers do not have to squint their eyes to take a good look at it. For example, you can consider hanging the paintings above a desk, in a narrow hallway, or atop a dresser. 
    • In Narrow Spaces:
    A diverse collection of small paintings can be grouped and displayed as mini-galleries. Your walls can be filled with beautiful small paintings, and you can bring in your guests to show off your taste in art. For example, you can consider hanging a group of small canvas paintings in entryways, bathroom hallways, and even corners. 
    How do I choose a small painting?

    Follow these basic instructions to choose small paintings for your space:

    • By Style:

    While choosing small paintings, you need to consider whether it matches the style of your room, including your furniture and the colour of the walls. 

    • By Colour:

    Colour of the wall and paintings play an essential role in decorating your space. Make sure that a significant section of the small canvas painting you choose has a background colour that matches the shade of your walls. When in doubt, stick to black and white coloured shades that would look good with any wall colours.

    • By Theme:

    If you have built your home around a specific theme, then consider decorating your space with small paintings that seamlessly matches it. Homes with a theme are convenient to decorate and visually eliminates items that do not fit in the space.

    How do you protect small paintings?

    Here are some essential tips that you could consider while protecting small paintings:
    • Avoid hanging or placing small paintings in front of direct sunlight as the continuous exposure tends to drain the colour of the artwork. 
    • Consider framing the paintings with ultraviolet filtering acrylic plexiglass rather than the regular glass. The plexiglass helps in protecting your artwork from yellowing or fading from exposure to direct sunlight.
    • Make sure that you monitor the level of humidity in your home as the water present in the air can have a massive impact on the overall longevity of the paintings.

    What are small paintings called?

    Small paintings are usually called miniature, limning, or wrought portraits that are made on canvas, vellum, copper, or ivory surfaces. Small or miniature paintings flourished from the early 16th century to mid 19th century when artists around the world created a fusion of the separate traditions of the illuminated manuscripts and medals. But the artworks have gained popularity again due to its ability to decorate small and narrow spaces.

    Where can I find the best small paintings to gift someone?

    You can find a variety of small paintings on Pisarto that you can gift to your loved ones. Browse through a number of styles and themes that could fulfil varied preferences.

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