Vertical Paintings

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    Vertical Paintings - FAQs

    How to Frame Vertical Paintings?

    To frame vertical paintings, begin by finding a frame that goes well with the size of your vertical painting. Make sure you do not stretch your vertical wall painting whilst mounting it. Then, cut the boards for your vertical artwork. You must then glue and nail the frame of your vertical wall art together. And lastly, stain and steal the frame of your wall painting vertically to install your canvas.

    How to Arrange Vertical Paintings on A Large Wall?

    Most people are guilty of collecting beautiful long vertical wall art. However, it is important to understand that not every long vertical painting would go well with the others. Hence, choose a piece of vertical long painting that holds sentimental value for you and frame it as the centrepiece. Some wall painting verticals are sensitive if the medium is watercolor or textile-based. Thus, providing UV protection or hanging them in a place with eternal shade is essential. Some oil-based vertical paintings also require extra protection from dust, dirt, and UV rays and must be framed in protective frames.

    Where to Buy Vertical Paintings?

    Pisarto has the loveliest collection of vertical paintings for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, and every room in your home! Choose an enchanting landscape vertical painting for your living room that depicts rural scenes or cityscapes from our collection. Or choose a Buddha vertical painting as the aesthetic artwork for your dining room. You can also opt for a vertical Madhubani painting that ties your bedroom together. At Pisarto, there is a vertical painting for everyone’s taste.

    What Are The Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Vertical Paintings?

    Before buying the next long vertical canvas painting, you must gauge how it will appear in the space you intend it for. To visualise it, outline the size of your canvas painting vertical with a painter’s tape. Take a step back to understand the size of the wall as well as the painting. Doing so will help you make sure that the vertical landscape painting you want will fit the room or if you should buy another vertical painting in a suitable size.

    Why Are Vertical Painting So Famous?

    Vertical abstract paintings are famous because the vertical artwork can fit stunningly in every room. Throughout history, vertical paintings have reigned, and the reason is simple: verticality proves to be the perfect fit for any art and is always pleasant to the eye.

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    vertical paintings Online with Price

    Vertical Paintings Collection Vertical Paintings Price
    Vintage Car 8
    Rs. 10,000
    Multi Colour Lord Buddha (VR)
    Rs. 17,273
    Compulsion of Life
    Rs. 26,324
    Landscape - 1 (EM)
    Rs. 20,686
    Landscape - 2 (EM)
    Rs. 20,686
    Landscape - 3 (EM)
    Rs. 22,485
    Cycle of Life (EK)
    Rs. 20,826
    Golden Bush Robin Bird
    Rs. 10,000
    Changeable Hawk Eagle Bird
    Rs. 10,000
    Clipper Butterfly
    Rs. 10,000