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Beautiful Bedroom Wall Paintings

Our personal spaces where we retire to, are a sanctuary to us. The bedroom is where we return to at the end of every day to unwind, relax and recharge our energies. How you put together this room is therefore important as it is a comfort zone for you as well as your spouse. Spend some time, if you have not already, to consider what the look of your room should be. Then you can pick out bedroom paintings that resonate with whatever you have in mind. Images have a profound impact on our minds, be it emotionally positive or negative. They can either make us feel uplifted and pleased or irritated and provoked. Hence, you must consider these things while buying bedroom wall paintings.

Bedroom wall paintings most often reflect an aspect of your personality, religious beliefs, philosophy of life, aspirations or emotional state. Whatever the case might be, you will find that the mood of the room is immediately affected by placing such an artwork there. Not only do bedroom wall paintings bring elegance to space but they also add a spark of vibrancy. On Pisarto, we have a wide range, so you can purchase any painting for your bedroom online easily. Be sure to read further to know more about them.

Different Bedroom Wall Paintings

Here are a few suggestions and types of bedroom wall paintings that will look great with the décor of your home.


For those who have a belief in God, the form of their Lord brings them immense solace. Artists are inspired to capture the incarnations of this higher power as well as deities, in their brush strokes. So, grace your walls with Radha Krishna or Ganesha paintings in the bedroom, to invoke a devotional emotion in your sanctum of rest.


The simple principles of this ancient science have been proven effective time and time again. For instance, if it is your wish to improve romantic relationships between you and your spouse, then the placement of images of birds or hearts are said to be beneficial. Further, the presence of deer in Vaastu paintings for the bedroom is a symbol of longevity, endurance and good health of children.


Having too many shades in the area of sleep might work against you by being distracting. Keeping the décor in a simple neutral shade would be a sensible choice here. Additionally, going for bedroom wall paintings in the same palette will complement the calmness of a monochrome look beautifully. This is also an easy way to feel instantly calm when you enter the space.


Creating an ambience of softness will aid in unwinding and one way of doing that is with textures and symbolism. Light sheets of satin, wind chimes by the window, muted lighted and a plush rug on the floor is a good start. Now for a finishing touch, bring in bedroom wall art paintings featuring flowers, far off shores, quaint cities by the river and the likes. Now, you are ready for your sweet dreams every night.

Bedroom Wall Paintings on Pisarto

No matter the décor, we have bedroom wall paintings to complement it perfectly. These bedroom paintings online are carefully curated from the fine handmade artworks of artists around the globe. All you need to do is browse through our many galleries and choose the pieces that steal your heart and we will deliver them to you. 

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