Kids Room Paintings

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    FAQs - Kids' Room Paintings

    1. How can I decorate my kids' room?

    You can decorate your children’s space with a variety of kids’ room paintings. Elevate their rooms with modern artworks that make the space look brighter and more colourful. You can either hang the kids’ room paintings above your children’s beds or on the opposite wall of the bed.  

    For a more elegant look, you can group four to five different kids’ room paintings and hang it above the bed. This will create a more minimal yet organised look in the space. You can also consider hanging the paintings with your family photographs as well as your children’s drawings. For example, you can frame your kid’s first drawing and hang it beside other paintings in their room that will remind them of their achievements. 

    2. What things to keep in mind while buying kids paintings?

    The most important thing that you should consider while buying kids’ room paintings is that the artwork should be colourful, featuring positive themes, without any violence and gore. For example, smiling faces of animals create more positive energy in the space than that of abstract painting. So, go for paintings that fill your children’s room with joy and make them happy.

    3. Why invest in kids' room painting?

    Kids’ room paintings play an essential role in developing the emotional, social, and mental status of your child. Daily exposure to inspiring themes help develop a stronger drive to inculcate them in kids’ lives. So, it is recommended that you invest in paintings that are colourful and where your kids can relate to them. 

    The motive of hanging or placing kids’ room paintings is that you want your child to be happy. The paintings should spread positivity in the room and prevent bad energy around your children. Invest in paintings where the subjects have smiling faces or are indulging in fun activities. This will subconsciously develop good and positive thoughts in the kids’ minds.

    4. Why should you buy a kids room painting from us?

    You can find a massive collection of kids’ paintings online on Pisarto. From endearing portraits of humans to those of animals, there are a variety of kids’ room paintings that you can hang in your children’s space. You can find various watercolour and canvas paintings for kids’ from Indian and international artists on Pisarto. 

    Pisarto is a Mumbai-based company that sells a massive collection of online paintings for kids’ rooms. We promise to deliver your desired paintings anywhere and everywhere in India. We ensure that your desired kids’ room paintings get directly delivered to your doorstep in no time. Whatever your choices are, you shall find your pick on Pisarto.

    5. What kind of art to place in a kids room?

    Here are the two most important categories of kids’ room paintings that you should consider while decorating children's space. 

    • Animals and Birds: Children love animals and birds, as they relate the animals or birds’ basic actions to their day to day experiences with nature. So, having paintings of animals and birds could spark a lifelong love of animals in young children. Kids’ room paintings of animals and birds will build connection and empathy in them.

    Human Portraits: Smiling is considered as one of the warmest, loving, and responsive gestures among humans. So, having a painting with smiling faces of children can drive positive emotions, and imbibe a positive perspective towards life.

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