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    Set Up Your Walls With Splendid Shades

    Every room has its own heart. This can be seen in the liveliness of the overall color or colors used to print the walls. It can also be recreated with some additions such as a wall hanging picture. If you are on each of those who want an exquisite painting to add to the color and texture of your rooms, then is the apt place to fulfill your heart's content. This site provides you a cool collection of art works diligently curated for the ever-demanding requirements of customers just like you. Since there can be umpteen numbers of room types and settings, the professionals at Pisarto have used some clear guidelines in grouping the paintings based on the variety of color shades applied in them. These categories are not rigid boundaries for the images displayed but act as filter for art lovers as they browse through the site. Quite often you can find something that you had never even thought of for your rooms as you follow the shade directions. If you ponder into all the paintings given on the site, you will surely find much more than what you expected.

    As an overview, there are a total of eight shade descriptions listed on, namely, black and dark shades, bright colors (red, blue, yellow, green), green, multi-color, white and bright shades, white and light shades, white/black & white, and yellow/golden. From these titles the flexibility factor of the categorisation can be understood. So it is quite easy to locate the paintings that you need as you engage in leafing through this site. Though the category names might seem very similar like “white and light” shades and “white and bright” shades, the images given under them are different as per the curating process. The multi-color section has the largest collection of paintings and can be a great treat for those who prefer some very lively art works in their home or office space. On the contrary, the black and dark group has images that are perfect for those who prefer the solitary and brooding kind of art, examples of which are Buddha on Lace Fabric, Friendly Dog, and Relaxing Woman. The Buddha theme is found in other shades too like in the yellow or golden section.

    As a user friendly site, provides everything that is required in the niche of wall art. There is something for every customer. From thought-provoking subjects to jolly and pleasant ones, the site has a lot in its elaborate and smartly curated categories of paintings. Newbies in the field of art can also get enlightened and select some fantastic pictures with the help of the listing done on the site. The shades section especially helps those with an eye for the colors used in a painting. But it is not strictly meant for connoisseurs, rather it is equally gratifying for lay art lovers too.

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    paintings by shades Online with Price

    Paintings By Shades Collection Paintings By Shades Price
    Rs. 15,500
    Human Tree
    Rs. 18,800
    Deep Conversation
    Rs. 26,000
    Multi Colour Lord Buddha (VR)
    Rs. 17,273
    Two Beautiful Sisters (VR)
    Rs. 21,503
    Lost Paradise
    Rs. 70,192
    Dead Colors
    Rs. 73,418
    Cycle of Life (EK)
    Rs. 20,826
    Salvation (EK)
    Rs. 21,387
    Compulsion of Life
    Rs. 26,324