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    A Painting for Every Room

    Paintings can be great ways to make any room speak its heart out. Depending on the quality of the pictures, the rooms will feel more and more like home. Whether you have guests or when you are alone engaged in personal activities, a picture on the wall can be a perfect companion. Visitors will definitely glance, admire, appreciate or develop a taste for your sophistication if the painting is exemplary. This is just what tries to provide its customers as they search for and purchase any of the pictures in the different categories. As far as categorization goes, there are seven of them in our website, out of which 'room’ is a very significant one. So if you require a wall painting for specific rooms, this would be the section to look at.

    The paintings are chosen by experts for rooms at home or at workplace, namely, bedroom, dining room, hallway, hotels, kids room, living room, and offices. This classification makes it ideal for browsing based on personal preferences. There is ample scope for getting the right painting for personal and business purposes. For instance, the living room section includes a lot of pictures from all of the other sections and categories, like the Galloping Horses, Dance of Colors, and Buddha. In kids room images, Bond of Friendship and The Musical are really appropriate as it helps portray child’s character. Paintings of riversides, cities, and village life form part of the bedroom collection. The Galloping Horses, Marketplace, and Ramayana images take center stage in the dining room section. For hallways too there is a wide assortment of paintings including the Buddha, Peasants, Fishes, and Wall Art. Similarly, most of the aforesaid and much more are set apart for offices and hotels too, making Pisarto's collection quite large enough for the varied tastes of customers.

    These paintings have been curated by professionals at Pisarto with the aim of providing visitors to the site a completely satisfactory experience as they make their selections. The details of each painting regarding size, shape, colors, subject, and medium used are all given exclusively. Everything is clearly classified so that selection on the site can be truly easy. To cite an instance, one of the pictures in the office section is called '3 Panel Art'.  A click on the image will show the image zoomed in with the details of surface, medium, orientation, size, and dimensions given as canvas, oil/acrylic, horizontal, medium, and 36" can 35", respectively.

    If your aim is to get a great painting based on your room preferences, you are at the right place. All your requirements can be met at Pisarto because of the curation done by the experts. The site is a one click stop for excellent works of art. You can even get some fabulous ideas to develop the interiors of your rooms as you leaf through the pages of this site.

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    By Room Collection By Room Price
    Night in the Open Sky
    Rs. 26,438
    Alley of Bygones
    Rs. 13,606
    Rs. 13,606
    Rocks and Ruins
    Rs. 13,606
    Solitary Witness
    Rs. 13,606
    Greyscale Fovea
    Rs. 14,875
    Fading Vibrance
    Rs. 13,606
    An Autumn Blur
    Rs. 14,241
    Jharukhas of Past
    Rs. 15,510
    Om (JS)
    Rs. 20,093