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Brighten up Your Home With Alluring Hall Paintings

Beholding pretty artwork can have a huge, positive impact on your health as not only does it relieve stress, it also enhances brain functioning. Besides these perhaps lesser-known benefits, it also adds undeniable class and visual appeal to your home or place of work. If you have forever been on the hunt for well-made art for the hallways of your home or workplace but have so far been dissatisfied with paintings you have come across, Pisarto is the right place for you to be. We bring you carefully-curated, hand-painted hallway artwork from great artists all around the world. Come take a look at our amazing hall paintings and be utterly bewitched by them. 

Find a Wide Variety of Beautiful Hallway Paintings at Pisarto

We at Pisarto know that while many people look for captivating art with which to make the walls of their home and office come alive, art can also be more than just pretty wall décor to a lot of serious art connoisseurs. This is why we bring to you hall paintings that appeal to a wide array of art lovers. Read on to know more about what is in store in our hallway wall art selection: 

  • Paintings of NatureWho does not love hall paintings of the various flora and fauna found in nature! From vibrant nesting parrots and a quaint cabin in the woods to a tranquil, babbling brook and magical flowers in full bloom, you will be spoilt for choice in our hall paintings section. 
  • Lord Buddha Paintings: Nothing depicts peace and centering of energy or chi like the Buddha. We house buddha paintings for the hall on canvas, marble and other media. From a colourful close-up of his peaceful yet pensive face to depictions of him resting on his side, you will love our hall paintings. 
  • Lord Ganesha Paintings: What better to add a sense of serenity or calm to your surroundings than amazing Ganesha hallway wall paintings? Hang one in the hallway you frequent and have a sense of wellbeing fall over you every time you walk by.
  • Figurative Paintings: If you love artwork that draws inspiration or is representational of real life, figurative paintings are your thing. Pisarto stocks a variety of such hall paintings in oil, acrylic, watercolour, and even charcoal renderings. Whether you make a beeline for paintings of children walking hand in hand, a whimsical flower girl or dainty ballerinas, you will love every bit of our hallway art selection.
  • Abstract Art: Do you love non-representational art that can be interpreted in many fun ways? We have hall paintings that depict the journey of life, human figures showed through cracked textures and much more. 
  • Shop for Your Favourite Hall Paintings Online  

    Pisarto is a Mumbai-based art gallery that firmly believes that everybody has a right to beautiful, affordable art of different kinds. We ship all across India and even have irresistible deals and offers. Come shop for gorgeous hall paintings online on our website now before stocks run low. 

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    Hallway Paintings Online with price

    Hallway Paintings Collection Hallway Paintings Price
    Marble Buddha
    Rs. 11,965
    Rs. 37,030
    Flight of Innocence
    Rs. 32,200
    Rs. 37,030
    Chirpy Friends
    Rs. 35,420
    Rs. 37,030
    Peacock Strand
    Rs. 32,200
    Rs. 35,420
    Tribal Red Lady
    Rs. 6,048
    Buddha in Harmony with Nature
    Rs. 6,048